After some wrangling,Kamata Kohei lost everything,Got the punishment。

Hongshang dance clothes,Although I refused the hospital’s retention and left my job,But Tang Ze still let the boss of the detective company use contacts,Introduced him to work in a private hospital with a good relationship。
After all, I created a detective company,Much better than the private detective agency of three or two big cats and kittens,Naturally there are contacts。
As for why he was licking a dog in front of Tang Ze…
Again,Because he gave too much money…
In short, everything is done behind the scenes,The Hongshang dance clothes including the used chess pieces have also been placed,Tang Ze’s second phase plan is completely over。
Anyway,Hongshang Wuyi all stood up,Become the promoter of accelerating the completion of the Tangze plan。
The reason she went to extremes,Because there are no other possibilities,That’s why I couldn’t stand the other person’s life,Determined to kill each other。
But Tang Ze’s method behind,But it gave her another possibility,So after the stage is set up,The other party sees the possibility that Kamata Kohei will be sanctioned by law,Hongshang Wuyi will stand up without hesitation。
In this life, when the other party is in Tangze’s layout,,Hongshang Wuyi didn’t choose to kill,But to stand up and expose the crime。
No matter if the other party is passive or willing,Since Tang Ze has calculated it,Became the pawn in his plan,At the same time have a conscience inside,Then he would naturally eliminate these bad results to the other party。
This,Tang Ze’s method of life。
The process may be unscrupulous,But as a result, Tang Ze will strive to make it develop in a better direction。
Sleek and bottom line,Not blindly implementing justice,Even turned justice into a sharp knife to hurt people,This is Tang Ze’s belief。
Cough,After all, Neon is such a secondary country,Beliefs are always on my ears。
But this is Tang Ze’s philosophy of life。