“But if you are here, the reason is because the planet you live in is too rich,Or biological composition is of great use to them……”

“Then,This type of creature and planet,Going to be unlucky。”
Mai Fan has a bad feeling。
“primitive,You are not stupid,Not naive at least,It seems that your planet is also in a state of coexistence of multiple nations or races?”
“Correct,Just what you think。”
“Race groups or planets eliminated during the show,Can’t be protected by rules。”
“Because of the failed race and planet,Automatically planned as one of the wild stars。”
“They think that there is no use value or is not a civilized group,Can’t be called an intelligent race。”
“Non-intelligent races are ignorant,Is not emotional,Then their demise or the disappearance of the planet,It’s the perishing of normal species and the elimination of nature。”
“If someone needs the resources of that planet,Or a certain part of the biological organism……”
“As long as it is within the sphere of influence of this higher race,You can submit the right to develop and collect。”
“Big league,Or a certain planetary power,You can start with this wild planet。”
“This is another ending of the failed planet……It’s a combination of luck and misfortune。”