that’s it,Four eyes facing each other,The state of speechlessness lasted till the evening,Chu Hong hugs her legs,Curled up into a ball,The whole person loses vitality,Like a dead dog,to be frank,See her like this,I don’t feel like it。

think carefully,Can understand her,Finally saw the hope of leaving here,In a flash, despair came,I can only think about it now,How to survive on this island。
to be frank,It’s hard for me to survive on this island,I am a rural child,Grew up in the mountains,Catching birds in the forest,Stream fishing,Digging traps on the animal trail,Climb the cliff,I have done adventure games that rural children like,I’ve done adventures they didn’t dare to play,I remember one time I stole my father’s money to buy beer with my friends,My father carried a stick all over the mountain,Then I climbed from the cliff into a cave and it took me half a month before I went home,That time my father and mother were anxious。And let the whole village learn about my survival ability。
Although the mountains and the sea are geographically different,But from the perspective of survival,In fact, the essence is the same,So I am not very worried about short-term survival。
At this time, there was a sound of cooing,My eyes fell on Chu Hong unconsciously.
Chapter two Wind meal
I know how to smile,I also know that this chick is hungry,Patted the sea sand on my body,Then got up and walked towards the coconut grove behind the beach。
“Hey,What are you doing in the woods?You are not afraid of poisonous snakes inside?”
Chu Hong’s voice was a little anxious and trembling,I guess this chick is afraid that I will abandon her。
“You leave it alone!”
Finished saying this,I speed up,Into the coconut forest。
The coconut groves along the coast are very dense,Some were blown off by the storm,Stand alone,Some are drooping because of the perennial sea breeze,I specially found a few palm trees with drooping treetops as targets,Then walk into the forest behind the coconut forest。
The trees inside are more diverse,I found a slender dead tree,Broke the straight dead branches,Then I found some vines in the forest,Put these things in your hands,Return to the original path。
Those vines are very strong,I first tie a rock with one end of the vine,Then I went to hit those bent and drooping coconut trees,My target is very accurate,Smashed a few big coconuts down soon,Watching the billowing coconuts fall on the sand one after another,I have a sense of accomplishment。
After falling the coconut,I found a few sharp-edged stones in the forest,This thing can be used as a survival tool。
that’s it,I wrapped the stone with big leaves,Hang on the chest with a rattan tie,Hugged coconut,Tucked dead branches with shoulders and armpits,Just walk towards Chu Hong imposingly。
Chu Hong was surprised to see my gains:“Can’t see it,You pigt.Still a little capable。”