First0374chapter Magical silver needle
Sun Yuejuan’s voice,Surprised everyone in the house,Even Old Xiao sitting in a chair,I can’t help but crane my neck,Everyone is so surprised,This Xia Jian is getting more and more amazing,It’s so magical that everyone can’t understand him。
Xia Jian saw Sun Yuejuan’s movement,She started to move the silver needle on Sun Yuejuan’s chest,Darker or lighter,Mobilized it all,at this time,Sun Yuejuan suddenly opened her eyes,Something stuck in my throat,She yelled hard:“Jianer!“
“dad!Get the basin“Xia Jian shouted loudly,He helped Sun Yuejuan who was lying on the edge of the kang,Let her sit up on her own。
Someone quickly passed the basin,Xia Jian said to Xia Zecheng:“Put it on mom’s mouth“
Xia Zecheng just stretched the basin to Sun Yuejuan’s mouth,Xia Jian suddenly slapped Sun Yuejuan on the back,I saw Sun Yuejuan trembling,Mouth,Spit it out,She stared,Looking at everyone in horror,Asked feebly“What’s wrong with you?“
Xia Zecheng threw the basin on the ground,Threw over,Patted Sun Yuejuan’s arm gently and said:“You dead old woman,Almost scared to death,I thought you were gone“
“nonsense,I didn’t see Jian’er,Why would i go first“Sun Yuejuan is weak,She said she was a little weak and closed her eyes。
Xia Jian laid Sun Yuejuan down,Then I put my hand into Sun Yuejuan’s hand,Choked and said:“mom,Don’t talk,Lying quietly,I’m back,Nothing“
Sun Yuejuan grabbed Xia Jian’s hand tightly,Two lines of tears flowed down,Made the women in the house cry。Xia Jian finished the needle,So I found a pen,Quickly wrote a prescription,Say hello to Heiwa,Whispered a few words in his ear,Heiwa turned around and disappeared into the night。
everything is fine,Everyone has a smiling face,So babbled about Xia Jian’s encounter this time,Xia Jian wiped the sweat on his forehead,Then I told everyone how I was washed to Ziyang Temple by the flood,Of course Dao Master Ziyi taught him medical skills and martial arts,He didn’t mention it。
Old man in a village,He shook his white beard and said:“child,Not dead,There must be a blessing,You can write this story in a book,It seems that our Xiping Village is really a place where dragons and tigers hide!“The meaning of the old man’s words is profound。
Everyone kept talking until late,Xia Jian glanced at Old Xiao who was a little tired,Speak softly:“Let Fang Fang send you back to the city to rest,I’ll see you in the city tomorrow“