The disciples of Changhai Zong have already started to send the Hexin and Xiao Joh.,Warm derived slowly,The sound is full of admiration and respect:“I can’t think of the young and sister.,Can have such a deep sense of life,It’s a talent with Huigen.!”

Adviser morning in the congratulation、Xiao Bi people pay attention to the situation here when she is mad,Seeing that Yan Zhi seems to be blended therefrom.,Focus on watch。
At this moment, he will move.,神『color』,Faint:“What put down the butcher knife,What have you made something bad??”
Yan Zhi is slightly horrified,Looking back to the consultant,It’s already quite familiar『dew』A sweet smile,Supreme,A love shape:“Put down the butcher knife,Back is you。”
Her hands forward,Send love to the consultant,Eyebrow bend,Smile is more winning『color』:“You are the other side I want to go.。”
what『chaos』Seven eight。
Though,The advisory is also called the dislike.。
He even think occasionally,very funny。
Not getting response in the expectation,Branch recovery,There is no embarrassing expression on your face.,She still smiled at the consultant,I am very satisfied with myself this time my task indicator speed.:“Teacher brother,I have no chance to find you.,I want to come to you already know,We will live in the next few days.。”
Advisor,Naturally asked,“Why is it fire?,Can you find it??”
枝 road:“Although it feels like,It should be an accident。”
Consultant watched her,eye『color』deep,It’s like a went of swirls,“Why do you see?”
枝 语 气 凝 凝 分:“We just arrived in Jiangzhou,There is a fire in the station.,I am afraid that the enemy is looking for trouble;Or some people who are unrestricted,I want to make us not smooth.。”
枝 看 看 他,I thought that I worried about this in my heart.,It is added:“But this is only my personal guess.,Be unhappy,You really don’t have to put it on your heart.。”
Consultant is a bit first,Said that you know。
Don’t really。
Where is the enemy?,The station fire is clear that he is in hand.,He is the clearest。
As for the arrest of the fire……He wants to put it in place.,Where is the special reason??
The two people have no words.。
The banquet has arrived at an end.,Monk does not have to eat how much,Most Valley,However, it is touched by a feast.。Nowadays, small changes,Everyone is going to finish,Everyone says a guest set.。
枝 见,道:“Be no early,Teacher brother,You go back to rest early。”
I have to go after she finish.,So in the past。
“——and many more。”
Consultant Yuan shouted her。
Branch looks back。
Advisor,Light tone:“You are gone here.?”
枝 unclear,“Besides……What is it??”
He returned to Haizong today,I hit a pair of men and women.,Dragoncy between words;Not only that,These two also said many of them,Intent to express yourself to love each other。