“Xia Jie rest assured,I am safe to send people in Shanghai.!But some time may take。”

“As long as people can send people safely, we can guarantee that people will send people to Yan’an.!”
“Xia Jian,I will definitely think!”
“Ritual,I still have a lot of things to do.,Can’t help you on this matter?,Do you have yourself??”Shen Qiuxia is sorry,
Rui Rui smiled:“Xia Jian,You forgot,I am not myself.,I have a seedlings group and a martial art team?,Little male comrades are not helping me。”
“that is,Xia Jian,Don’t underestimate us!”
“Um,This action will look at you.!come on!”
NS464chapter Forced Search Consulate
Comrade the prime minister has a lot of things to do,Rui is basically guessed,Because the main task of our party underground workers is the party’s secret organization,The masses’ secret organization,The secret joint work of the party,Secret intelligence work,Open organization and public struggle preparation, etc.。
Prime Minister Comrade This task should be in addition to other four content other than intelligence work,Those work is sometimes dangerous than intelligence work.,Rui Rui is still very worried。
Don’t read the intelligence,But he is very strange to other work content.,Because he has never done,So he even wants to help Xia si, there is no ability.。
“Xia Jian,You must be careful,Shado Zhao is now preparing for pseudo-government,That is to fully supervise, I have traveled my party.,Although we have done some false information,But he does not believe it all,It seems that the king of this agent is not a sense of virtual name.,He stared this soon, he stared this.,So you must be careful。”
“Little sharp,You only need to complete the task of the party organization.,Don’t worry about anything else,This is an order!”Xia Jie said,
“Xia Jian,I know that everything is for us.,But we also pay more attention to safety.。”Qi Rui wants to say Xia si, you have an accident,I will try my best to try to rescue,Because this is not geese, I didn’t say it.。
Shen Qiuxia naturally knows that the meaning of 锐 想 表 表:“You can rest assured,I will definitely be careful for you.!”
Rui Rui looked at the table, no one was quickly left outside.,He is thinking about how to do this,Said that it is a long, but this is never dragged too long.。
Bernard did a small experiment after receiving his hand.,That is, please ask two Chinese to talk about some items for supplying supplies.,As a result, the two were stared at each other.。
“Mr. Liang,Mrs. Liang,I didn’t expect the Japanese to think of the consulate so soon.,Fortunately, someone will report the police.,Otherwise, you will definitely be taken away by the Japanese as long as you leave the consulate.。”
“Can there be a way to send us out??”
“There is currently no way,Because it is now going out from the consulate, a fly Japanese wants to catch up.。”
“Is there a way to have some people come yesterday??”
“I am afraid you have to stay here for a while now.。”
“How do we know what the Japanese is here??”
“According to the current situation,They should be inferred,Japanese and very worried that you are in the consulate。”Bernard said,
“Hey!……”Liang Bozhen is very depressed,Chen Yu, I don’t know how it is good.。
Turn,Bernard saw Jing Yun in the Hongzhifang cafe,It is rumored to let Jing Yun come here to see him.,Because I have already thought of the way。
Three days later,There are three people running to the US Consulate,More than a dozen people chased behind,Some people have been injured in the three people.,They ran in the door to the consulate.,Guards on the door:“We have important intelligence!Please save us!”
“Who are you??”The guard is asked vigilance,
“we are……”I haven’t said this.,More than a dozen people have chased it before,All held a gun to surround the consulate gate。
“take away!”One of them shouted in Japanese,
Several people put three people in the car,The Japanese headed is not going.,It is said that the guard at the entrance of the consulate said:“Now open the door immediately,We have to see your general conference!”