“Look,the you now,Still too much。”

“but,I am afraid you,I think it is too simple.!”
Those people of the Daxia Chamber of Commerce,Be with you。
This,They look at this scene,It is very shocking。
this,Is it their president??
sudden,They even think,I will grow up,Really too powerful。
So even,Let them everyone’s heart,Both have a bit of doubts。
this,Is it really their president??
“No time to tangle these。”
“Now,Still quickly and say!”
When Xia North saw this scene,It is a big hand and say it directly here.。
And around Xia North,Those people around see this scene。
obviously,Now,It has already been clearly seen.。
“Vice President said,We can’t drop the chain.。”
“That’s right,Are they not intended to continue?,Let’s everyone,Just play with them.。”
“This is nature,if not,Let’s take it so much.,I am afraid that it is not enough.。”
slowly,With those people around,I didn’t forget it here.。
After all, these,Visual impact on Wei Song Mountain,Still very strong。
Just this,In fact, Wei Songshan itself is,His heart is full of harmony。
After all, now,In fact, the Wei Song Mountain may not know?
Next,It seems that I can only do this.。
“hateful,Damn born。”
“But since now,It has been completely set up.,So, no matter what,Never fell softly。”
When Weushan sees here,He at this time,The whole person’s eyes are more killing。
As for now,Other things,In fact, it is not particularly important.。
And tap these,now,Even Wei Songshan,Seeing here,His whole person is more harmonious to feel quite tricky。
slowly,In front of Weissan。
At this moment,Shen Xuan itself,I don’t think anything。
“All right,Now,Such a thing,In fact, it is already almost。”
“But now,What the process,In fact, there is still this necessary to solve it quickly.。”
Anyway, in Shen Xuan looks,This is actually,From itself。