The concentration of vitality,This chaotic world is several times higher than the normal chaotic world。

This is the Three Realms today。
From Li Ming stepping into the Second Trail,The second soul has left the Three Realms only for thousands of years。
Soon after the second soul left the Three Realms,The deity also refined a Dharmakaya in the Three Realms,Stay in the Three Realms,The deity enters the Great Mo domain through the space vortex channel,Then rely on the induction of the Dharmakaya deity,Begin to open a safe road from the Three Realms to Damon。
of course,The Dharmakaya refined by Li Ming in the Three Realms,It uses materials from the Three Realms and the surrounding chaotic world,Some main materials are refined from the world of heart。
Even so,The refined body is also very rough,The overall strength of the explosion is only comparable to the average Hedao edge。But pure astral induction can still be done。
in this way,Turned into more than a thousand years,Finally opened up the road。
“Finally succeeded!”Li Ming showed some smiles on his face。
Make a safe road,For the Three Realms,Is something that has benefited endless years。
The practitioners of the Three Realms do not lack Dharma,But apart from practice,Still need experience。
And as long as this road is kept secret,Then outsiders don’t know how to get in。It’s hard to get in even the four-legged master,Li Ming is a reference,Can sense the position of the second soul at all times,So you won’t lose the way。
Millennium time,He is more than just getting through,The blue and white mark in the body senses the blue and white cave house left by Qi Zhizun,Determine its location,And even around him, he got a golden evil spirit。
This Wanbao Jinsha,The value is comparable to 30 million cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid,It is an important main material for refining the edge-level puppets of Hedao。
Compared to this treasure,Li Ming refined a large number of formations containing the ultimate formation in the Three Realms、The flag is not in exchange for much wealth。
After all,There are only a few Taoists,I can’t even digest such a pile of formations that can explode the edge of the union。
But with this, Li Ming made further friends with Da Mo Daojun。After all, he is the No. 1 Taoist in endless territory calculations,It is also very helpful for Li Ming。
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