The US lobbying policy is protected by the first amendment to the Constitution,Flower for money to help promote the implementation of the policy,Coherent。
Like oil businessman、Armaman、Finance company、Real estate company,A large amount of money is spent on the lobbying every year.,Chen Linzhi has been there in the Northwestern District of Washington, DC“kStreet”,This is a big way,Collected a lot of lobbying organizations in the region、Wisdom、Public relations company、Folk community, etc.。
Through the relationship with the old cloth,I want to go directly to the door is not realistic.,In truthful use of the meager fragrance,Before contacting the old cloth,Chen Linzhi felt necessary to create first,Through the media and other institutions,Let Americans feel that European technology is not reliable、Will threaten their privacy。
As long as this thought is deeply implanted into the vast majority of Americans’ heads,I can’t go out for the technical sales of high quality communications companies.,In addition, you have to lobby the US and other communications operators in other countries.,Let them feel that Qualcomm is more reliable、advanced。
In order to expand influence,Chen Linzhi continued to lying in the ward,I have started planning how to promote Qualcomm。
Follow-up,He quietly made something。
First, send people and Qualcomm people together,Go to Washington SAR to find a reliable lobbying institution first pair,Strive to support the support of Members,To this end, Chen Linzhi specializes in call to Governor California.。
The second is to collect the information of various communication service providers in the United States.,In addition to this collection of mobile phone manufacturers collecting comparisons,In addition, there are also the latest trends in communication technology reforms in other countries.,This also requires a lot of people to help,To this end, I have been looking for McKinsey Consulting Cooperation.,At the same time, also mobilize talents in Qualcomm and personal wealth management office.。
The third is to contact major media,With 欧 文·JacobosceoCommunication,Ready to hold a press conference to find a gunner to help advach high-pass companies,Naturally, you have to step on Europe.gsThere are many way behind the technical products under standard.。
Although Chen Linzhi has invested in a large number of European communications companies and Nokia、Ericsson, etc.,But this does not hinder him to distinguish the master,For your own interests, towards them,After all, Chen Linzhi is a major shareholder of Qualcomm Company.,But only Nokia、Ericsson and other companies can’t raise a small shareholder,Once Qualcomm has succeeded,Can bring him maximize interests。
People don’t,Waddled,In addition to the dirty movements of these soldiers and horses,Chen Linzhi also started a colorful ally,Prepare a piece of cake,Used to exchange markets and other support。
Businessman,Interest first,Eat alienates will not be too good,It is necessary to pull a group of people to do big cakes,For example, US telephone teleport company、Corvass Telecom Company、General Electric Company,Both are very worthwhile objects,There is also a financial group in Wall Street.,Goldman Sachs、Morgan and so on。
This is not too urgent,Chen Linzhi wants to try himself,I can’t pull people with people.。
The current high pass is too small,Do not get up,Others fall away from a cake,He dropped a piece of cake,Time is temporarily immature。
NS416chapter Rich list and good news
Because acute enteritis live in the fourth day of the hospital,I actually have no serious problem.。
Chen Linzhi calculates the time of the last medical examination,I plan to take the opportunity to check it all over.,Not afraid of finding illness,I am afraid to discover late,It is necessary to have a regular medical examination every year.。
Moreover, from a sense,This is a physical consideration.,Parents are not there.,God knows that there will be no family history,If it is not a technology, it can be used to perform a gene screening.,He will definitely seriously。
Daqing has already passed a good news.,It is said that the Porsche family is willing to accept the re-agreed program.,The content is probably not necessary to clear the debt.,Only let Chen Linzhi help to pay more than 100 million US dollars。
Besides,Still financing more than 5 million US dollars,After signing up, Chen Linzhi will receive a percent of Porsche Company,Feli·Porsche’s son will come to Los Angeles signature tomorrow.。
At 8 o’clock in the morning of Los Angeles,Changze is coming to the hospital to visit Chen Linzhi,She has also been,It’s just a hurry.,Hurriedly leave。
She took a lean meat porridge to Chen Linzhi as breakfast,Standing on the bed and unscrewing the cover,She smiled and asked:“You don’t let me come before,How did I call me last night?,Is it your female star??”
About Jennifer’s existence,Changze will know early.。
Chen Linzhi listened to the face,Horely tell:
“Um,The movie just took the way soon.,The school is going to start,Jennifer went to Yale University yesterday afternoon。
Although I feel complete, I don’t have to go to school.,I don’t have a college degree, I don’t have it.,But she may be afraid of her film review.,Adhere to what college,It is likely to perform some dramas、Independent movie,I feel brainned。”
Changze is a college,And one of the famous American music colleges,Playing a good piano。
At this moment,She is a bitter,Speak out:“I will know that you will not contact me without reason.,I just walked me when I first walked.,You are very unreasonable?There are many examples of the celebrity to go to the college.,The newspaper will generally praise,She is admitted to Yale University or I am helping.?”
“Be enough,I helped some of my busy.,It doesn’t mean that I have no meaningfulness of my university.,Just stick to the way to walk the actor,I can help provide opportunities for the play.。Summary,I found that I am more rich than I think.,Next, it is likely to increase the investment in Hollywood.,Overall, it is more interesting.,Now I look forward to it.《Walking dead》Movie completion clip,I wish Stevenm·Spielberg directors will not let me down。”
Chen Linzhi just got up,Lower bed to brush your teeth in the separate bathroom。
Changze is coming over,Laughing on the door:“I think you are reluctant to leave.,So young girl,Even I saw it,You definitely like it very much.。But I will read college.,Otherwise, I am here.,Can you say when you are like a new foot kick,After all, I can only rely on myself.。”
Turn over a white eye,Chen Linzhi went to her and took a slap in the face,Hand feels quite good。
He brushed his teeth and said:“Don’t be ignorant,How do you tell you yourself?,More and variety5Equity is already under your name,Considering our popularity of our program,At least 10 million US dollars,Now I am starting to worry about you restless,Maybe I’m running with other little handsome guys.。”
Changze is listening to haha laughing,Sentence:“Know,Who makes you so heart,But if you are willing to take more time to accompany me,I should not be bored to like other men.,After all, I want to find a man who is better than you.,The latest issue just left yesterday《Forbes》Rich list,You are second in the United States,Only Sam·Walton,In the global ranks fourth,The most money is our 曰 本,Xiwu Group。”
Chen Linzhi Surprise,Question:“This year’s leaderboard came out?I do not know yet,How much is it to write??”
“Almost worth 4 billion dollars。”