According to them, they learned from Shennun.,There are not many people in the country.,They have integrated into other countries,I even forgot my identity.,There is no powerful person。

And Shennong is just a good luck to find this remains.,And try to revive the ambition of the country。
And he also got some power in the remains.,Zero tail。
Spring did not expect zero tail existence,But just the body.,Do not have forces。
Just relying on the point of Shennong, there is no way to meet the zero tail demand.,So he has been seal the zero tail.。
Join Xiao is also to get stronger Chakra,And activate this sky city,Touriously。
But in fact, his country has no feelings.,Just master the right with this reason.。
He for this purpose,Sedurate into each village with your own medical skills。
With this positive image,He won many intelligence。
I even won eight armor in the leaves.。
But now he can’t fully use it.,The situation in this theatrical version is different。
The aatrical version of Spring,Even if there is no more martial arts that all open in eight doors。
Eight-door power is not to open,But it is accumulating,This is a skill that opens the physical limit.。
There is not so much potential in your body.。
Exercise is also to make yourself to bear this strength,And better play。
The use of physical activated Shennong is like early spring.,There is no potential for a long time.,He solved eight-door only to let his own strength unwind limitations,With the zero-tailed Chakra broke out powerful power。
However, the kind of activation state he should use the power of the zero tail.,He is only a thin old man who lost the zero tail.。
However, Quan Wei will not learn this kind of move.,His potential is enough,No need to kill chickens,And there is not much power。
“First, let’s take a look.,I can’t see anything here.”Spring continued to say。
He looked at these people,This time he took everyone.,There will be a branch of the secret base.。
Shengyamatches are on the white shoulders of the muscles。
It doesn’t like it for the 蛟,Use it,This is a parasitic。
But still useful,At least Chatcla can also be converted,When the spring is not there,Can provide Chakra for white。
Nodding,Then use illusion to let the Shennong road road next to it,After passing by a secret entrance。
They entered a dark space。
Springs look at the surrounding modern buildings,Gaze,It is not wrong here.。
Although some damage,But the generally maintains complete。
“哟,I didn’t expect this place to have such a place.,Even if you can’t fly,Remove the base is also good.”The water has blown a whistle。
Square,This underground space is indeed,It is indeed a good place for the base。
Shennong walked forward,Soon, I came to a room with a variety of runes.。
The room is a cylindrical space,Top is very high,The wall is all intensive runes everywhere。
And there is a huge stone column standing in the middle of the room.,It is also full of runes。
“this is。。。。”Sasuke’s eyes。
“Core in the sky,It seems that it is not damaged”Springs looked around the runes。
Said that the Spa is directly jumped to the Runeshi Pillar in the room.,This is where the zero-tailed place。
The situation should be the energy core of the whole city。
“Do you have first trial first?,I hope there is no problem.”Springs pressed the hand。
Originally, it is still a dark,But when Quan injected into Chakra in the stone column。
Sudden stone pillar is bright,The rapids of the above runes are light,Then spread toward the wall around the wall,Eventually all runes are illuminated。
Also use,Excited look at the eyes。