He doesn’t want to have the kind of helplessness。

Only power can make him fulfilling。
God’s general,Reach out,Lightning,A lightning spear appears in its hands。
“It seems that you still don’t understand,We live for yourself,Force is just a tool,But we are people,Not a tool”
A long sword appeared in the hands of Ning.。
A green jade ignited green Chakra,Slowly attach it to the long sword of Ning。
The long sword began to stir out the yellow light,Changed the long sword of a huge ray。
Several views that are also covered by green Chakra cage are around the sword handle。
“Oh,Actually control so,The progress of Ningxiao in these years is very big.”Square surprised。
“The ultimate transformation of the jade,Is this the ability of Spring?”Feather is also quite shocked。
“This is the specialty of Ning.,Although there is no complete compression of the power of Jade,But it is also quite powerful.”Spring is excited。
He transformed towards jade is an understanding of the five elements of yin and yang,Inter-property transformation,In order to take the compressed energy of Dao Yu,Convert into a property。
Play a huge power。
And Ning is the power of the revivement,Directly strengthen the power of the golden wheel。
Let the jade transform into the kind of bright yellow energy。
Although it cannot be compressed to the extent of Quan,But seeing the form is quite stable。
And did this step in Ning,There is also huge growth space。
“Based on this strength,I also want to compare with me.”Sasuke acknowledge。
The volatility of Chakra in Chakra is not strong on the Yellow Paleozoi of Ning.,Even energy is not strong。
It is not comparable to him.。
“The strength of strength is not the number of decisions”Ning order。
“are you ready”The giant sword of Ning is pointing to Sasuke。
“Humph”Sasuo snort。
It is necessary to shoot the lightning spear in his hand.。
And Ningjun lifted directly from the sword,Be a big。
Dramatic lightning,In an instant horrible energy, it enveloped the area.。
“This is the price of our own”Sasukes said disdainful。
Under such a strong energy,It is not injured in Ning.。
But just waiting for energy dissipation,Continue to attack。
The area of the thunderous shroud was blocked.,Divided into two hairs。
And Ning Ji is all the giant swords standing there。
“Meaningless attack”
“how is this possible”Sasuke shock。
Actually, it’s easy to break his attack.。
And Ning will not wait for the response,Instantly fly out,Direct attack to Sasuke。
Sasuke hands once again appear a lightning long knife,For Ning, it is a,A Thunder sword was waved by Sasuke。
Ningjun lifting the sword。
Sasuke but does not refund,Directly bulky but Ning。
Thunder,Constantly waving。