Fengzhu, who had already brought the water back, quickly called a few people to run over,Zhao Chunling is like a trick,In a while,Built a shelf with bamboo poles,Hung up the wild boar。

Xia Jian sitting on a rock,Looking at this woman with a smile,See how she handles this hairy guy。Zhao Chunling took off her coat,Roll up the sleeves,Then he moved his hand。
She moves very skillfully,Not much effort,The wild boar skin was peeled off intact。Xia Jian was a little dumbfounded,This woman is really capable,I didn’t expect her to be a pig。
The next step is to open the stomach,She is still very good at it。Li Fengzhu and a few girls running around,Hurriedly helping Zhao Chunling。
When Chen Xiaomei took the dry material back,Zhao Chunling’s work here has been completed。She took a breath and said:”Barbecue,You can start eating in a while“
Everyone is under the guidance of Zhao Chunling,Put the whole piece of wild boar on the thicker branches,Put it on the raging fire and roasted it。As the smell of meat slowly emanates,Xia Jian is so hungry。
Zhao Chunling delivered the first piece of roasted meat to Xia Jian,He’s also welcome,Pick up and eat。Taste really good,Although there is no salt,No other condiments,But in this case you can eat such a delicious,Already pretty good。
With meat,With water,The belly problem was resolved quickly,Everyone is very happy。
Full belly,The next step is to sleep。Last night it was almost a night,Don’t talk about these girls,Even Xia Jian felt sleepy。
Both houses are covered with thick hay,I feel sleepy at a glance。Zhao Chunling glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“You go to sleep in your room!I’m on duty“
Xia Jian didn’t talk much,Went straight into the room,Fall asleep。I slept so soundly,When he wakes up,The sun is going down。But in the two rooms,Zhengxiang everyone is sleeping,No one is awake,Even Zhao Chunling, who was sitting at the door and said to be on duty,Fell asleep against the wall。
Xia Jian found Li Fengzhu in the crowd,Woke her up,Then I woke up Chen Xiaomei。Among these people,Xia Jian thinks these two people are still a bit responsible,Can help him accomplish many things。
“Let Zhao Chunling go back to the room and have a good sleep,I want her to be on duty at night。You must never sleep anymore now,Best to stare a little,Wake up everyone immediately after finding the problem,Let Zhao Chunling take you to transfer“Xia Jian whispered to Chen Xiaomei。
Chen Xiaomei yawned,Asked without waking up:“Where are you going?“
“We can’t stay like this!Let Li Fengzhu be with me,I bought some daily necessities in a nearby village。We just have to persist for three days,I believe their patience is also limited“Xia Jian said to Chen Xiaomei,Li Fengzhu gently pulled。
He didn’t want to talk to wake up Zhao Chunling who was sleeping。The two girls are naturally speechless,Situation like this,Only Xia Jian can hold this rudder。
Can’t go back,Can only go forward。No matter how stupid people are, they know this,Although Li Fengzhu has never been to this place,But she has lived in this area the longest,People still know a little bit better than others。
Xia Jian dare not go fast,He was afraid that Li Fengzhu could not keep up with him。The afterglow of the evening reflected half of the sky,Xia Jian and Li Fengzhu walking on the small road in Tiantou,Neither of the two spoke。