National University of China,Allocation,Even if it is a solitude letter and Yang Zhong, who is inclined to Wei Xia width?,At this moment, it is also called to Shaoguan.,No objection。

“Brother,Changan Quan’s private army in the family,Every one tens of people,At that time, there is no big army for thousands of people.?
The general of the generals Yang Zhongzhi Yang Jian Shen Shen is a slough,Can be a deputy。General Hulun Town has been annihilated since the last edition,Just in Chang’an City Guard,Depression。
He is a long-term battle,And I am very familiar with that Gao Baoyi.,Can be。but me,This is the military sacrifice,Can be found together,Don’t this have a military??”
Yu Wenzhi stunned,It is true that Yu Wenyi said.,This will make out a military horse.!
“You go back to the news,I think about a moment。”
Now Yu Wenjian’s style is still quite“democracy”of,Yu Wenyi knows that he is to ask Yu Wentai’s suggestion,So directly arranging his hand。
Yu Wen,Yu Wenji really came to Yu Wentai’s ward,The reason why this hion has never come out.,In fact, it is not a doctor.。
But he is very worried that someone will rebellion in the eight column.!Worried that they see their own look,To speculate your condition,How many days have you live?!
Plus he wants Yu Wen to protect the helm,I am staring behind myself.,Be appropriate than in front。
“祢罗 突 文 文 邕 邕 字 来 来,I want to use Changan Quangui.,Recruit a thousands of people coming out,Let He Rura Town will,Yang Zhongzhi Yang Jian is a deputy,He own is a military festival,Southern Fuyang Support。”
Yu Wentai is still a little bit。
What is the four sons 邕 文 邕?
“He went to Fuyang for that Gao Baoyi?He believes that Gao Bi will take Jingzhou?”
Yu Wentai is a bit unbelievable。
Chat with him,What is it?,Gao Cheng, such a person。
Which of these people is not a soldier like a cloud?,Fierce,Gao Bo Yi, this first,Which onion is?
Although he is not as greed like power,Like searching for people fat。But the view of the master of Gao Bo Yi,But it is the same as the privilege。
Sentence,Even if I have been with Hou Jing, Wang Lin,Nor is Gao Biyi’s noble child in this mouth, a small child can match。
However, Yu Wenqi has always been smart,I know something very little.。
Let him see it in Jingxiang,It seems not a bad thing。And his son of Yuxi,How can I not lead the soldiers??
“Can,This is no harmful elegance,Give it to He Ruun.。But talk to He Ruitown,They just,Don’t pay more about the side of Fuyang,As long as Wang Lin did not attack Fuyang,Don’t participate!”
Yu Wentai does not stop,But did not put this thing in my heart,It is an indispensable attitude。
Yang Jian is not a person who will fight,But this people said this person,I am afraid that Yang Zhong is behind.。And Yang Zhong is a person who has a side of Gao Boyi, says it.。
Yu Wentai is a little bit:“You have to say this.,Let He Ruo Town itself,He don’t interfere。”
“Good uncle,I will do this。”
Yu Wen,Yu Wentai is pleased to touch the long,Smile smile in the mouth of the mouth。
I have grown up my four sons.!
And not to say that he pays attention to Gao Biyi is not looking at it.,That is, this subjective consciousness,Is a necessary condition for monarch。
Man Yun Yun,Always can’t become a big device。
Jiangling City“Prime minister”inside,A beam crown,The middle-aged fat man in the abdomen is in writing official documents.。
This person is called Cai Dabao,It turned out that Xiao Yu has not yet happened.,Is his book child。Cai Dabao Expo Group,Proficient,People smooth,Xiao Wei is handed over to his government,He can do very well。
It is Xiao Wei’s left right arm。
“Prime minister!Prime minister!A big event!The car riding general Wei Yide This is hit by the water army.,Block Wang Lin enters the Yangtze River,I didn’t expect to be defeated by the other party.!
Wei General in the arrow,People who escaped back ten no one.!Wang Lin’s Water Army has killed the river outside the Benjiang Lingcheng.!”
what?The wolf is really coming?