Golden Way is the most realistic to play to Chu Deirers,The result is directly attacked by Zhao,Take the empty door behind him.,Instantaneous“Suck”Broken his body,Put them“swallow”Inject

However, Zhao ignored did not expect it.,After him seriously injured,Chu Deirers actually take a moment of serious injuries!
Although it is already“Integrate”Pass version,But Zhao ignore naturally can judge,The hand of the Chu Deirers is also a strong、At least it is related to the sucking!
摩 智 智 无 无 无 重 重,I haven’t come back in a breath.,More no resistance than the gold wheel。
I saw Chu Deirers’,And Zhao ignored in the visual effect,Still have a lot of respective。
Zhao ignore is directly inhaled directly into the body,Plunder the meridians,Again“threw up”come out,And Chu Deirens just put their hands in the top of the 摩 头,Then, the traces of the whole body are heavy and flashing.
at the same time,Zhao ignored that he didn’t look at it.,Waving a blue-white two-color entanglement,Come to the Chu Deirers,But the Chu Deirers don’t turn around,It’s so born, as soon as I haven’t seen the opportunity to suck the gold wheel.,Has suffer from the Magic Pearl。
Chu Deirers’ Struggle,This is integrated into the tire,Press after the roof of the Cognac,The whole person also enters the temple status,Defense is the most amazing。
Moreover, the back is also protected from unneeded dragon turtles.,Total is the most robust place for dragon turtles!
Zhao ignore this is like a poisonous dragon diamond entanglement,The armored dragon turtle disrupted five points,It is more than 80% of the tetrane,Remaining a power,The role is in the eucalyptus,It is only to make Chu Deirent throat slightly sweet,The big blossoms on the face,There is no overflow of the blood。
At the same time, Chu Deirers also felt,Zhao ignore this hand is equivalent to the first day、The intrinsic use of the jade venetron’s heart is a stable、A dry,Outbreak after interacting overlay。
Just now Zhao ignorant“dry”,It is the force of the dragon icon of the Jinshu King,More than the Bi Lin Chao!
Unfortunately, Wang Chongyang should have no chance to try.
Zhao ignored that the Chu Deiren almost did not destructive,But just do just how long it needs to be indulgent,He can still know?
Even if the two are sinking,Have your own unique comprehension,It is impossible to complete the absorption immediately.!
next moment,Chu Deeng turned over,I saw the Chu Deirers、Face,Through clothes,I can also see the meridian ripple that flashes from time to time.
According to the meridians are abstract existence,It is impossible to have a realistic pattern。
At this time, Yu Mu Zhi’s meridians,It is forcibly absorbed to Chu Deirers“Tire”middle,Therefore, it has been done,In turn triggered an external reaction。
And Zhao ignored it now as if the balloon is、Full body distortion,Symptoms belong to the same class
Zhao ignorant and smiled:“Ah,Die,Prepare the back of the Laming?I have you and Guo Juxia.,It’s still lucky。”
After a word,I saw the glitter of the Chu Deirers.,It’s completely completely completed.“http://www.fangxiandani.cnDigestion”A step of!
Chu Dengu’s mouth:“Dead,I still don’t know who it is.!”
at the same time,The golden light of the Chu Deirers is solemn,“Fighting”The degree of excitation is also getting higher and higher,The effect of playing is close to merits
Zhao ignored it or not.,I still don’t understand what happened.。
Next moment,Chu Deirers have been extremely moving,I came to Zhao ignorant in front of it.、A palm launched Zhao ignorant,A giant giant giant,Combpting with Chu Deirers,Chu deer’s palm,It is also a punner of the magic face.!
Zhao ignored it, it is not anxious.,Direct arms、Chest,It seems to be a chest movement,Directly with the chest to fight the magic。
Chu Deirens only feel that the hammer is on a soft hard wall.,Surrounded by translucent ripples。
Insist on,Along with Zhao ignore,The two people have a circle of explosions around them again.,Chu Deirers also retired three steps,Zhao ignored the same back half a step!
At this time, Zhao ignorant is also black.,I didn’t expect Chu Deirers to do this.,Chu Deirers can instantly absorb the masters of the hierarchy。
Not only no weakening,Instead, it is still in a kind of Cozhi’s internal force will be scattered.、Let Chu Deetrians are fierce。
More like a sucking star,Using unsatisfactory
Is this human attainment?,Really above me?Zhao ignored that I couldn’t help but flavoring this unrealistic thought.。
As for how the Chu Deeman does?
It’s nothing to do with the truth and martial arts.
Before the Chu Deirers have guess the guess,Just practiced,I really gamble won one hand!