Violet2Wan Shenyuan Coin,That is, more than 40 million gods。

Summer looks between the summer……Which of him is so many gods?。
The woman seems to see the color of the summer.,When you understand,“The soil of Dongda is needed.,Invested in every year,a few years later,Quality will gradually improve。”
Toned,Also,“So I mind you buy a god granules,Each grain is also300God。”
After a few interest,He shook his head,“Do not buy god particles,You give me a 10-way fertile.。”
Woman,Just busy again,A pair of eyes becomes bright,“OK,I will give you now……”
100,000 seed seedlings50ten thousand,Ten Wo20ten thousand。
This is70Wan Shenyuan Coin。
Women’s heartbeat,For her,This can be a considerable performance.。
Seeing that she can’t wait,Summer laughing,“Don’t worry,I have to buy something else.。”
NS3834chapter Completely
Whether in the martial arts in the Chinese,Still come to the road。
Money money for summer,Just a strong tool。
But on the outer planet like Tiantai,Hundreds of thousands of gods,Absolutely calculate a huge number。
To know,At the beginning, the super power like the cliff.,They used thousands of years,I also accumulated that to more than 100,000 gods。
This is visible,God’s money is still quite firm in the marketing power of the road。
now,Summer is not hesitant to sway out70ten thousand,I have to continue to buy。
This is not only shopping guide women’s surprise,Also let Yunfan who observed on the side is very surprised。
“I don’t know what you need to buy.?”
Women’s look, I don’t know if I don’t know.。
Summer road,“Give me two hundred gods granules。”
“OK,Two hundred gowns4Wan Shenyuan Coin。”
Women’s shopping guide。
One hundred god granules seem much,But don’t forget,Underground,A piece of cave is also used in a year.。
The upper limit of the god particles,It is destined to make the soil very fast,Can only be used。
Interrogate,Summer looked at the album,Sink,“God’s five thousand gods……Well,Give me first40Bar。”
Women’s heart hop。
40Taoistan,Total20Wan Shenyuan Coin。
So,Summer has already spent it now94Wan Shenyuan currency。
Summer is down at a glance,Say,“Yamana is very cheap,A talent100God,Then give me1000Bar。
“100,000 gods。