For example, when the eldest son is getting out of death。

That kind of air is suffocating,Seems to come again。Just this time,Her heart has been hammered and is very cold.,Even cold。
I have a few sons.,I don’t know what to say is excellent.,Still?
Sick on Gao Ying Road,This is the city.,Can you go back?,gone back,I don’t know how big things。
Still in Jinyang is relatively stable。
“Mr. Lu。”
In the room,Lu Shuwu is reading,See Gao Baoyi coming in,I am busy putting the book down.,Take him to sit by yourself。
“Hour of Majesty suffers?”
Lu Shuwu asked,The white beard is shaking.,Showing emotions。
“That is not,Tall this level,It should be no problem。”
“I’m old,Should I can’t help you?。These two books,You take it.,Laoyi wants to say,All in it。Old man hugging granddaughter in Licheng,Support the year,Just just,No need to fuck so much heart。”
Lu Shuwu will pay two thick books to Gao Baoyi。
A book is called Pingxi,This book Gao Bao has seen draft,Many things are now。
Another copy is called Pingnan,It should be later written。
Lu Shuwu is a strategy.,Level is not under Wei Xiaoxue,These two books,In fact, it is the angle standing in north.,Packed up North Week and Nan Chen“Cheats”。
“The big husband is good in the quarter.,Just you always have to see people.,I won’t even have you have daughter.?”
Shu Shusu asked with a smile。
Gao Baoyi is saying,I first saved Lu Shu Wu,He is a distinguished to the other of the granddaughter Luke, and scratch.,Means are very uncommon。
“There are too many things recently.,I haven’t worried yet.。”
“There is a small yard next to the county.,The door is a row of peach trees.,go Go,Older can not teach you。Discuss,Laoshi is not worth it.,This is still relying on yourself。”
Lu Shuwu is impatient, saying。
NS677chapter Dark clouds
There are countless lakes in Zhouzhou City.,Very rainy,Especially in the summer,Wet heat。Even if it is golden autumn,Thunderstorm weather is also。
An ordinary small yard in the city,A strong man is wiping his own horizontal knife,Recalling the years of the year。Bronze muscles,Strong body,It is still safe。
At that time,Jin Ge Tiema,Murderous,Countless high-top family,Mourning at your feet,Women with fine skin,Like the farm animals generally supply people to people,Buy and sell。
Whenever the midnight,The appearance of those who are tragic,Will appear in the dream。So he now chooses An An quiet to stay in the city of Zhangzhou.,Keep the core of power。
“Song Gongtai,Open the door,it’s me!”
A familiar sound came outside。
He holds an umbrella,Found is Zhouzhou thorn Houping,There is a high child who has never seen it around,Some temperament is somewhat gloomy,Evil in the body。
“come in。”
Hou Ping, three days, drink,It is impossible to block him.,As for the random guest of the high child,The bronze skin of the bronze skin dark guard。
“Song Gongtai,This one said that there is a matter of taking you.,It’s not here to stop here.,Say,Let’s talk slowly。”
Finish,Houping took the head of the head,There is no thorns of the shelf!
Waiting for him,The bronze man asked:“You have a lot of blood in your hands.?How many people have killed??”
“not much,Three hundred and two people。”
The high child will take off,Hand handle a bamboo tube in his arms to the side:“Replacement,Don’t ask,Let me kill, who I will kill?。
This is the letter to you.,anyway,Give a reply today。”
He is moving slightly,Take a gift with the other party。