Be right,This is the sound of the rabbit。
Farm and listen to a little seep,Just like a person is screaming。
These big white rabies are not afraid than the big and more than ten times airten times.,A pair of bilateral eyes are more violent than the green wolf。
I go。
http://www.wanrongspace.cn what’s going on。
After coming to this world,Even afraid that summer is constantly reminding and hints themselves,To change some ideas。
In front of me, I still let him take the tongue.。
Next,Let him have a more speechless scene.。
One of the most angered white http://www.dtrlt.cn rabbits,Directly spit out a moon to teeth in the mouth,Very fast,Almost invisible。
Directly put the opposite green head。
The wolf is like anger,Howling,The huge green wolf led,A low head,The horns on the head。
Summit a huge wind blade。
Be right。
Also is a wind blade。
Just the wind blade of the green is cyan,White rabbit’s wind blade is almost transparent。
“哧 哧 嗤。”
Two of the white rabits were directly broken into two paragraphs。
“哧哧 哧哧……”
Here,It seems that it is in a pan,The wind blade is swept away,Gamed a hazy wind。
The wolves are also swaying the blade,Side rushing to the rabbit group。
However, these big white rabies are not afraid,Same,The speed is more fast than the wolves。
The two sides have hit the hit together。
http://www.natural-change.cn “I Nima……”
Summer watching,I can’t help but violent。
NS3185chapter Dangerous rune sea
River side,Ground vibration,Snoring。
The wolves and rabbits hit together,dusty,Flashing the rippled wind blade。
Constantly there is a bleak of the green and the rabbit,Go on the ground。
In addition to opposing each other,Under the melee,The advantage of the wolves is very large,Sharp paw,There is also the big mouth of the blood circuh……
Summer shake your head,Wide-eyed beads。
The bloody is not a green wolf。