“Um!fine,You slowly eat!”Le Zhenxi laughed,Laugh in the peach,It is very patient。

Dream is soft to see him smile,Not smiling by the autonomous,The bottom of my heart is not lonely,It seems to be in detail in a wire。
She smiled and took the squid.,Not because of embarrassment,But because she really wants to eat squid。
She likes to eat roasted squid,Especially the squid here is very fresh.,Marinated is also very taste。
Meet a few steps away,Also within the sight of Le Yuxi,But suddenly stopped。
“Yo!I really didn’t expect to meet you here.。”A woman standing on the front side of the dream,General,But a face is screaming。
Dreams, look at the sister of the same father,Face is awkward。
She doesn’t talk,I don’t want to talk to this sister.。
Side of the side,I want to go from her.,But the other party is not dead, stoping her.。
“Fierce,How to see me want to run??Are you afraid of me??”Dream’s tone is very contemptuous。
Dream is soft and looking at her:“I played rabies vaccine,It is not afraid of you.,Just I am eating now.,Don’t want to destroy your own good mood。”
“hehe.”Dream:“Or, as always, the 牙 齿,Want to marry me mad dog??You don’t want to say it, I will tell you.,I am a mad dog,Then what are you??Don’t forget,I and you are the sisters of the same father.。”
“Yes?I remember that I was broken with my family very early.,What sister I have??”Dream gently watched her。
If this woman and her mother suddenly broke into http://www.szht92.cn her home,How can she lose a complete home??
Her mother is just,After knowing the derailment of Dad, I decided to take her with her.,Mother is nothing,The only thing is that her custody。
Since the movement of the home,He has never seen Dad.。
Dad, these two words have become very strange.。
“Even how to break again,Are you still surnamed dreams??Dad also said two days ago,You have already arrived old age.,I want to see you,But can I let him see you??Will not,Everything in the dream is mine.,You want to get a penny。”
Dream is very proud,Gao proud dream soft。
“That property,You still stay with yourself.,Your kind of defeat,No need for a few years, there is no。”
“Moreover,The property of Meng’s family is the life of your mother and daughter.,I have always been good at this person.,Be uncomfortable。”Dream soft http://www.yifanhuashi.cn tone is very ridiculous,Dream is a child who is not looking forward to。
She knows that Dad doesn’t like this daughter.。
NS1896chapter what the hell do you want
These words,She knows from the mouth of relatives.。
Dreams don’t have any other hobbies,The only hobby is dressed as yourself.,Walk around her,I have a young man who has been seen around her.,I will righteousness。
the reason is simple,I don’t want her to marry than her.。
so,One is no,Old every day。
Her father is a very hard person,How can I see it habitually have a old daughter?。
Her relationship with Dad has been very stiff,This is a dream.。
“Delicate,what happened?”A handsome man came over,A black suit,Be handsomeant。
“Soft and soft,How are you here??”Xie Xi Xia saw Dream Surprises。
I thought of she chased her for a long time.,See her now,Mood is very complicated。
“Oh,I am here to eat.。”Dream is deeply seen in my eyes,Is this man not chasing her??
Look,I was knocked in Dream.。
Dream is intimate, Xie Xie Xi Xia,Looking at the dream, smile, challenge:“Fierce,Xinger is now my boyfriend。”