This is said,“Outside rumors Summer and Gano,Two defeatings,It’s rumored to save it.。”

Toned,Swift,“but,Now people pay attention,Instead, your identity,Jingcheng Jiangjia,At the same year ginger,It turned out to be the legendary cave,And it is the future generation of discipliners,It is one of the five law enforcements of the world.。”
The father said that the fact is。
Summer and Gano,I have triggered a sensation。
But the two ultimately only two defeatings.,No one is falling。
For the ancient weapon,Not so importantly。
after all,A swivel,Even if someone wants to kill the game, you can’t do it.。
And the summer is a Jihuoti bottle guard,Naturally no one dares to act rash。
So a few identities of the Ji Bao bottle,It has become a topic of key discussion.。
And Jiang alone this name,Many people have turned out。
That is a talent that can take brilliance from the mind.,Not only business aspects。
The strength of his own strength is also unleaded,Can fight with the mind。
Inversely his fall,One time。
Some people say it is its disease,Undead……Can be refuted immediately。
Since his talent potential is not weak,Then it is inevitable to be ancient。
Ancient martial arts, moisturizing and regulating internal organs,Not only can delay aging,And almost worse cases。
So some people speculate,He is actually hurt by the enemy.,Unfinished。
Follow,From his topic to the Ji Bao bottle。
She is alone in Jiang alone,It is very difficult to survive with two daughters……Important,I have never exposed my own strength since I。
Years later,She uses a woman’s identity,Those who become Jiang family。 And she is still low-key,these years,Jiang Jia is still a three-flow family。
About her hole,Law enforcement identity,No one knows。
Ametry,Now all topics in the outside world,It’s about Ji Bao Bottice。
No one is too much in summer with Koiro.。
“fair enough。”
Ji Bao bottle still white yarn cover,“Let me attract your eyes.,Now let’s discuss the situation about summer.。”
Toned,Her eyes turn,“First,Summer snow mountain gas sea suffers from heavy news,Must be concealed;Second,Summer life is worry-free,But I temporarily let him sleep,So about his movement,It must be handled.,Care about him,I must also be very anxious now.。”
Fall into the voice,Father,“This is to arrange,I will call the Qing Yan,Temporarily conceal this,Will also contact Men’s and Shandu,Tell them don’t worry。”
“So much the better。”
Ji Bao bottle nodded,Follow you look good,“You should have a connection to the long way.,Pass the news into,That is, the gods of the gods are dispatched.,I will also call Xia Qianyun.,Let him come out to host the overall situation of the ancient military community。”
“what?good,Good young teacher。”
Since I learned that after the summer condition,Significant sounds have been trying to look。
I suddenly turned over at this moment.,Under the mean。
“what happened to you?”
Ji Bao bottle,Ask。