but now……

Lushan Huangquan side,The sight is a huge python,Extension flame long letter,Quiet,Good nonsense。
She knows,This giant beast has long been encountered.。
“Huangquan,Stand on the side,These three guys are dead.!”
Triple Differences with Zhaoshan Huangquan,Liao Wenjie’s attention is placed http://www.jiajao.cn on the neighborhood,If he didn’t see it wrong,What is the root of the current roots is not a comic?,It is a realistic ghost nest.。
Liao Wenjie is very interesting,Can move around the ghost nest,This is the person he wants to wait.,Just how many garbage。
“黑 崎 一,You kill the three-way river and macro,Our leader wants to see you。”Women’s cool opening,Red lips,Biece micro,Obviously don’t deliberately sell Sao,Still can’t help。
“Be desperate!”x2
The sound of the either of the two smears,Liao Wenjie,Under the bouting,Get a black straight back。
“you……Who are you?,Why do you appear here??”
First wave attacker,A few black robes waiting for the rescue surprised,HomebossInterrogation,But I haven’t said that there is still a rehabilitation.。
Giant Giant grin,The trigger sweeping http://www.haahotel.cn into the hand,Put all black and yin and yang people into a honeycomb。
Lushan Huangquan wide eyes,Hand holding hands,Is going to say something?,Raised by Liao Wenjie,He frowned his swordsman and strong man.,Finally, the woman said:“Two problems,First,Where did we have seen it?,I always feel a little impression on you.。”
“The method of your torch is too bad.。”Yushan Huangquan is speechless。
“second question,Who is the three-way river and macro??”
“Is the evil spirits you removed by you,It is the night that encounters Mingjie.,You also snap the stone from him.。”Yushan Huangquan said again。
“Shut up,No big brain is also general,There is room for you to play here.。”
Liao Wenjie is not full of Lushan Huangquan,He knows that white hair teenager is called the Sanhe Tang River,The reason why it is asking,It is a fake packing sleeve。
Zhaoshan Huangquan,The intelligence flying to the mouth。
Yushan Huangquan flips over white,This enemy is still written,Waiting for it, it will change again.。
“黑 崎 一,You kill the three-way river and macro,Grab the murderous stone,Our leader wants to see you。”Women open again,Sound is still indifferent。
“inappropriate,This invitation will have a gathering,Should you come to see me in personally。”
“kill him,Take back to the stone!”
A woman,Swordsman long knife in white mask,Sprinkler to the front of Liao Wen,Yin Mang broke,Long knife is from bottom to,His chest。
Time slow,Broken clothes slowly,Liao Wenjie mouth hooked slightly,And refer to the sword,Summon the mask of the singer’s head。
Red is flashing,Easy to penetrate the skull,Next second,Swordsman’s shape,I can’t disappear in the original place.。
Once again,I intact damaged standing around the bald。
“Escort,The guy is not human,It is the http://www.32912999.cn gang of Yin Yang.。”Lushan Huangquan Speed Express,Explain‘Swim’Style of style。
Dead,Don’t believe that you are dead,Or there is a nature to the world,Will‘Swim’The way there is continuing to exist,Because of the spirit of the spirit,It is easy to capture the yin yang,As a temporary manipulation。
“I know,In addition to the woman,There are two left people.!”
Liao Wenjie slowly opening,Pick the woman:“I am still alive.,Ask again,You are very eye,Where did we have seen it??”
Chapter 303 Is a story of a story