Martin’s mouth opened,“As long as successful,I dare to guarantee,His battle will definitely surpass Gobs,Well……I will call him on the future.。”
……The next morning,Summer left old house。
Step on the flight to Europe。
His first stop,Is the capital of Audili,Only that。
It is also the place where the Habsburg family is located.。
The gods of the gods is,Thoroughly angered summer。
Teeth,Blood!This time,He fell in a big trouble,Stir in his day!He already knows,Many big family consortium in Europe and America,All members of the gods alliance。
But now,Can only determine the Habsburg family、Morgan family、Loffa family、Rose。
Morgan family and Loffa family will not move。
former,He has a commitment to Xiao George,the latter,The attitude of the Lofffi family passed the last incident,It has changed significantly,Need to wait and see。
Habsburg has been counted twice,Summer is killing Best,Originally planned,If it is leisure,Walking Habesburg。
now,This family is the first knife of him killing chicken monkeys.。
……Habsburg definitely counts mysterious and old family。
This family has ruled Europe for more than 60 years.,Aristocrats known as aristocrats。
Later, due to various reasons,Habsburg gradually fell,Many big family http://www.tugongfang.cn consortium rises。
But thin camel is bigger than horse,Even if it is today,No one dares to see this family。
Important,In some big consortium,Habsburg does not really fall。
Instead, I came behind the scene.。
Just like some rich list,More rich than those rich,Big people,Just they have not on the list。
Some people have mastered huge black and gray wealth,That is definitely a huge and horrible number。
Habsburg belongs to the latter。
Rule Europe for six hundred years,They started to rose,Single to make many interests,Let many families and consortium rise。
Not their brain is not enough,on the contrary,This is a means of conjunction with the trend and process.。
They are hidden behind the scenes,The wealth owned is even more,Habsburg family,Also dangerous。
They with the Rosenie family,Almost controlling http://www.mosashop.cn the dark face of the whole world。
Six pm。
Summer walks out of the only airport,Blocking a car to Bolio Obon。
Leo Bode City is the second region of only that,Also a royal hunting ground,There is a huge landmark here,It is only the ferrous wheel,So known,In addition, there are also a variety of quite famous buildings.,For example, Switzerland,Beer garden,Large playground, etc.。
Summer no mood tour scenery,After arriving at the destination,Go straight to a super-large manor。
He didn’t cover itself,Directly。
“Stop,Here is a private field。”
Just went to the door of the manor,It was stopped by a few strong security guards.。
“I want to see Rudef。”
Rudolph is the family of the Habesburg family today.,Summer straightforward。
“who are you!”
The big man in the opening is not good,Cold staring http://www.chaoke365.cn in summer,Several people of the body also slowly。
Several people did not hesitate to pull out the crowbar,There are also a few people slowly reached out to the arms.。
“My name is summer,You can also call me to kill,Report Rudolph immediately,Let him come out within five minutes.,otherwise,I will kill everyone who sees.。”