“Blue,This burden is pressed on you.,But there is Yang Assistant to help you.,You will grow up soon.,Aming is also a powerful role of real estate.,Do you have anything you don’t understand?,Can communicate more with him。

Blue Xin smiled and nodded,“Go to bathe,I’m hungry,Today, I am late.,Can’t go to the top of the mountain to see the sunrise,It’s all you,White。”
Blue Xin has some small blame,She is here, but in order to see the beauty.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the little face of her breath,Also slow,Pick up the bath towel on the side wrapped her,Hold her to bathe together。
Lan Xin An An quietly leaned in his arms,“Ah Cheng,After you quarrel with you,I am very bad.。
I can’t give you quarrel with you.,Why http://www.dlgjgf.cn do you want to make me sad?。
The woman is sitting in your arms,Don’t you know it??
You do not know,See the glare,I am so sad.,It’s hard to breathe.。”
Lu Haozheng hugged her hand sharply,The footsteps are also slightly done.,She hurts,He also hurts。
“sorry,Wife,I will definitely from those women.。”
Blue Xin,Looking at him seriously,“Nothing,As long as you keep the distance from you to your heart, you can keep your distance.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He wants to cry,He doesn’t know which woman is a heart to him.。
These two are really accidental。
He went to the bathroom with her.,Temperature,Looking at her lazy lying in his arms,He is gentle,The temperature is just out of the shower。
Blue Xin comfortable,Lu Haozheng,Looking at her face enjoying the eyes,He is as burned throughout the person.。
Lu Haozheng swallowed a spit,Gently move her body,Her weak world instantly wrap him。
“what”Blue Xin suddenly widened,Look down at it,Note anger。
“Lu Hao Cheng。”
She screamed angry,I can’t hate Lu Haozheng.,Can she go out here today??
He can also be ah, he is crazy, it is crazy.,Why did she just fainted the past?。
Lu Hao is buried in her soft,The sound is a fuse:“Gimmick,I am really finished.,What should you do??
Lu Haochong gently,She is slightly tight,Then take the powder punch on his back.。
“hehe”Lu Haocheng knows her angry,But this moment he is really happy.。
Chen Yu Hotel。
Ning Feifei is very early,One-night indulgence,She feels that her entire person is like being caught by the car. ,I saw a man who sleeps around.,She is more painful,She reached out thin finger,Gently depict the exquisite five tubes of his handsome,Want to make a clear brand in the bottom。
His warm and gentle sound like spring,When it is called her Phi Phi word,Always gentle and affectionate。
Aura,You must be happy in the future.,forget me,Be sure to have a happy birthday,I will be in the corner you can’t see.,Quiet look at your happiness,You are happy,I am from Xinfu.。
I am not seeking this life.,Your happiness is my happiness.。
Ning Feifei does not know the tears,Dropped a drop of European lips,Slide him along his mouth。
She is shocked,Quickly converge your emotions,Get up and bathe。
http://www.tongmingled.cn Ou Jing slowly wakes up,But find some bitterness in the mouth,He is slightly confused,Looked around,Ning Feifei already got up,I heard the sound of the bathroom,He smiled shallow lips。
I thought that she took the initiative and enthusiasm last night.,He started hot again,He didn’t know that his Philippi will have this passionate side.,Look,He usually presses her exerted.。
He lies again for a while ,Looking at Ning Feifei from the bathroom,He slowly opened his eyes。
Ning Feifei did not see him woke up.,Go down to your bag,Take the medicine from the bag,Take one piece,Shot to put it in the mouth,Drink a water,Also slow down to the bathroom。
She lost her medicine in the toilet,Press the water。
Looking at the tablet,Her whole people are soft on the ground。
Aura,sorry!She apologizes in her heart.。
Ou Jingxi http://www.xmdy222.cn see Ning Feifei seems to have not seen you wake up.,I saw her taking medicine,Is she uncomfortable??