Source introduced social investment of 1.9 billion yuan to build wisdom low carbon towns

On September 24, Wuyuan County and Shanghai Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. signed the "Smart Low Carbon Town · Wind Power + Energy Storage Project" investment agreement, and the company’s investment of 1.8 billion yuan to develop photovoltaic, wind power and other clean energy, help regional energy high quality developing.

Wuyuan County is a national key ecological function area. In recent years, the county has firmly established "green water Qingshan is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan", based on the actual ecological resources, fully promote ecological protection repair demonstration counties, environmental pollution prevention and control demonstration counties, national tourism high quality development demonstration counties, special industry green development Demonstration County, Rural Human Environment Comprehensive Remediation Demonstration County "Five Demonstration County" Construction.

Shuoyuan County scenery Development.

This year, Wuyuan County took the initiative to mark the "nine key industries" of the standard autonomous region, and in-depth "four rights" reform, actively explore the new mechanism of attracting social capital participation in ecological protection repair and investment mechanism, surrounding ecological priority, green development, first introducing social investment, Participate in the development of clean energy industries, speed up wind, light and other fields.

The new energy project of this sign is implemented by Shanghai Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., plans to invest in the development of smart low-carbon towns and wind power in the construction roof investment of the party and government organs, schools, hospitals, village committees, industrial and commercial plants, rural residents and other buildings. + Demonstration project such as energy storage integration, construction of approximately 250MW centralized wind power stations, 50MW photovoltaic electrical distribution stations, 60MW energy storage power stations.

"The introduction of new energy projects will build a comprehensive new energy system in Wuyuan County to create a model county of wind storage integrated projects, to create a wisdom low-carbon town model, and change the structure of traditional energy consumption to promote the role." Wuyuan County Government The main leaders said that after the project is completed, it can bring billion taxes to Wuyuan County, and create jobs for thousands of people. "At the same time, in the construction of project construction, the company will take a part of the funds to repair the ecology and build a public welfare forest.

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