Riding a relatively flexible! From November 16, the Shanghai Su Tong Railway officially launched a regular basis ticket.

  Starting on November 16, the Shanghai Sutong Railway officially launched a new ticket system.

Including regular tickets and 20 counseling tickets for 30 days, convenient Shanghai, Suzhou, Nantong business travel and commuter passengers are convenient. The reporter noted that relative to ordinary tickets, new products not only have a certain discount in the fare, but also changes in the ride method.

[Regular ticket price has a preferential number of discounts in the second day] On the morning of the 16th, the reporter logged in to the railway 12306 official website, click on the regular ticket in the ticket option, the two products launched by the Shanghai Sudong Railway are placed as hot products. The first place, including regular tickets and 20 times tickets for 30 days.

The 30-day regular ticket means the passengers take up to 60 trains that specify to the post in 30 days; 20 counting tickets are passengers to specify the train to the post in 90 days.

Taking Shanghai to Nantong as an example, the current price of regular ticket products at the 30th is 2860 yuan, and the first-class price is 4532 yuan.

If the passenger is full of 60 times, the average price is secondary each time, the first-class seat is Yuan. At present, Shanghai to Nantong second-class ordinary fare is between 58 yuan and 77 yuan, and the ordinary fare is between 93 and 123.

The second-class price of the Shanghai Sudong Railway is 1340 yuan, and the price of one class is 2100 yuan. The average price per time is 67 yuan and 105 yuan, respectively, relatively general votes, the price is moderate. [Riding a way to save each booking trouble] In addition, whether it is a regular ticket or a count ticket, there is a certain advantage over a ride ticket. Because ordinary tickets must be booked in advance, ride on time, while regular tickets, the coupon can reserve up to 10 seats in the train per day. In addition, as long as the train has a ticket, passengers do not need to make an appointment, directly brush the ID card. It needs to be reminded that the purchase of a regular ticket for 30 days, after 20 counting tickets, passengers need to enable ride within 30 days.

If you don’t have a car within 30 days, the new ticket product is automatically invalidated and refunds.

In addition, the station of the new ticket product has Shanghai, Shanghai West, Shanghai Hongqiao, Antingxi, Taicang South, Taicang, Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Nantong West, Nantong. (Qian Jin Yang Rong reported) (this news copyright belongs to Jiangsu Radio and Television Terminal, please indicate the source).