Some banks have misunderstand that the "three-line four files" has been guided by the bank to accurately grasp and implement

The housing financial policy will not relax the focus of concern in the near future. On October 15th, in the third quarter financial statistics conference held in the People’s Bank of China, Zou Yu, Director of the Financial Market Division of the People’s Bank of China, said that since the 199th, the central government has insisted that the house is used, not used The positioning of the speculation, insisting on the resort of the short-term stimulating economy, adhere to the stable price, stable housing prices, stabilize the expectation, accelerate the establishment of real estate long-term mechanisms, and prevent the real estate ash rhinoceros risk, realize the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, The force has promoted the transformation of China’s economic structure and high quality development, which reduces the overall financial risk level.

The Strategy and Policy on Real Estate Control is our long-term follow-up of real estate finance. From the data, the amount of personal housing loans remains stable in the first three quarters this year, and the sales amount of commodity residential sales is basically matched.

Among them, a few cities have risen too fast, and personal housing loans are subject to some constraints, and the rate of rising housing prices is suppressed.

After the price is stable, the relationship between these urban mortgages will return to normal.

Recently, individual large-scale housing risk exposure, financial institutions have declined significantly on the risk preference of real estate industries, and there have been consistent contractions, and real estate development loan growth has fallen sharply.

This short-term overtone reaction is a normal marketing, 2019 Bank of America Bank, last year, last year, the Yongyang and Brilliance debt default, similar phenomena occurred in the same market and credit bond market. In addition, some financial institutions have some misunderstandings about 30 pilot housing three-line financing management rules. The balance of interest and interest and liabilities that require red gear enterprises must not increase, misunderstanding is not new to newly issuance of development loans, enterprises sales return repayment loans After that, the new start-up items that should be reasonably supported can not be loans, and some corporate funds chain stretches have been made to some extent. In response to these, the People’s Bank, the Silver Bank of China has held a symposium in the real estate finance work, guiding major banks to accurately grasp and implement real estate finance prudent management system, maintain real estate credit smoothly and orderly, and safeguard the real estate market.