The city held the "119 Fire Promotion Month" activity launching ceremony

At the launching ceremony, Zhao Xinnian gave the flag of the propaganda small pilot; the person in charge of the city fire rescue detachment read "the implementation plan of" 119 fire publicity month "activities in 2021" and "Notice on the establishment of the Firefighting Detachment of Cangzhou City Fire Rescue Detachment" ". Zhao Xinnian stressed that counties (city, districts) and fire rescue departments should pick up a glorious banner, continue to serve the warmth of the party and government in the service people; to create a military military brigade, build strong attacking team, reform training model, Strengthen professional command, improve comprehensive rescue capability, promote high-quality development in high quality development; to cast a copper wall iron wall, strengthen the winter fire safety prevention work, and resolutely pick up fire protection, do not have dead angle screening, no slogan prevention, unconditional Due to the sources, eliminate all kinds of fire hazards from the source, resolutely win the winter and spring fire prevention and control and attack; to do a good topic activity, carefully plan, concentrate on organize, and guide this fire protection monthly activities. , Constantly leading to in-depth; to build a government unified leadership, departmental supervision, department is fully responsible, citizens, the fire style of the citizens, continue to consolidate the work foundation of fire safety in our city.