Xu Yan’s will receive the victory of the War of the United States and the War is a hero epic.

Strong National Forum: Why is the anti-US aid chantie a war against peace, anti-aggression? What is the history background? Xu Yan: First, it is necessary to clarify the two concepts of "Korean War" and "Anti-American War". The former is the national war in North Korea.

The latter is China from selling troops, as if my country is the war guard, rescue the neighborhood war, for 2 years and 9 months.

It is worth noting that the Korean War Breakdown is the national civil war in the North and South of the Korean Peninsula to achieve national unity, but the United States organizes the so-called "United Nations" to intervene.

On June 27, 1950, the United States soldier North Korea, and the "Taiwan Straits neutralization" "Taiwan’s status is not asked", the seventh fleet of the Filipino invaded China’s Taiwan Strait and its military advisory group was stationed in Vietnam. This is actually threatened from three directions. According to Comrade Mao Zedong. On the waist of my country, inserting a knife from Vietnam, "" Faced with the serious damage to the territorial sovereignty and threatening the safety of new political power, the Chinese people who have just stand up must, they must work hard to protect the country.

Strong National Forum: Which key stages have the Chinese People’s Volunteers? What is the most intense or have a battle for the volunteers, let you impressed? Xu Yan: Beginning in October 1950, the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army implemented a strategic counterattack in sportswar, a total of five battles. The first battle is mainly encountered with anti-assault battles. I have repeatedly defeated the other party, and I expelled from the Duck Green River to south of Qingchuanjiang, but did not hurt their bones. The Second Battle We took the "United Nations" from the Qingchuan Jiangfang to the south of the three eight lines, which became the abutment of the war, and laid a victory foundation for the final arrival negotiation. During the third campaign in early 1951, the "United Nations" gave up Seoul (Today, Seoul), and the volunteers came to the third seventh line.

In late January 1951, the United Nations Army, which was rapidly reinforced, launched a rebound in the volunteer "Green Huang", and the volunteers rushed to the fourth battle, withdraw from Seoul and returned to the north of March 19 in mid-March. In late April 1951, the Central Disease army launched the largest fifth battle after the domestic strategic preparatory team arrived at the domestic strategic preparatory team. Although the early stage has made some progress and hit the suburbs of Seoul, it was forced to retracerate. . In the case of an enemy, the two sides form a confrontation in the vicinity of the three eight lines.

The central government is determined, and the "bottom" "of the anti-US aid" will so early. In June 1951, the Chinese People’s Volunteers were transferred to the position of the strategic defense in the position.

The Chinese People’s Volunteers created a tunnel defense system, solved the problem of survival under the fire-fighting of the enemy’s absolute advantage, but also launched a series of limited positions on the front line. The Volunteers smashed the air blockade of the enemy "strand" in the rear, ensuring the supply of the frontline troops, in the long-term spelling, and the power consumption with the hostility. In the fall of 1952, the Volunteers launched tactical attacks in the whole line, and smashed the enemy’s attack on the Shanggunling, so that the enemy was not able to apply. Shanggunling Campaign is the most intense battle. The two sides compete for 43 days and nights, repeatedly tied.

This position is actually very small, two connected defensive positions, finishing a connection to one, changed more than 40 connections. The United Nations Army launched more than 1.9 million artillery bombs, cast more than 5,000 bombs, more than 10,000 people, but still did not cross these two hills that were almost imposed flat. In early July 1953, the two sides of the war basically reached an agreement on the ground. On the eve of the stop, Comrade Mao Zedong also decided to launch the last large-scale offensive – Jincheng Battle. The Chinese People’s Volunteers put 250,000 soldiers, and broke through the enemy’s strong and strong lines in three days, and it was 18 kilometers to south.

This major victory shows the international display, China is over the war under the status of victory.

Sports Forum: The Chinese People’s Volunteers compete with the so-called "UN Army" led by the US military.

In the face of this gap, what is the combat strategy of our volunteers? Xu Yan: The Chinese People’s Volunteers and the US military have a disparity "substantial" in the technical equipment, and the gap is rare in the history of the world in the 20th century.

In 1950, more than 87 million tons of steel were produced in the United States, close to half of the total output of the world, and the total output of industrial and agricultural output was $ 280 billion; and China only produced approximately 600,000 tons of steel, and the total industrial and agricultural output value was 10 billion US dollars. The United States has thousands of military aircraft, fully controlled high-altitude fields; less than 200 in China, but also training for half a year to fight. The United States has a large number of advanced weapons and modern logistics guarantees including atomic bombs, and our army is basically in the "millet surge gun". The fire strength of the US military has to exceed the Chinese army.

At that time, although China has Soviet aid, there is not much weapon for supply. In this contesty, new China can win in a local war, which can be described as "the horizontal flow of the sea".

Although the Chinese army lived in absolute disadvantages in the equipment, there is a huge advantage in the spirit, and the tactics are very flexible, and more than the enemy is expected. Although the United States has the most sophisticated equipment in the world, it does not have the support of the country and the field of the field, and the officers and soldiers don’t dare to fight hard because they are afraid of death.

Comrade Mao Zedong from the striking morale, the people’s heart, the special battlefield conditions, etc. The disadvantage of the enemy is the shortage of the overall strength of the whole force is the relative balance of the local battlefield.

Sports Forum: On July 27, 1953, the two sides signed in the North Korean Action Agreement.

China has achieved great victory since the anti-American Aid Division began in October 1950, which has the impact on China and the world political pattern? Xu Yan: The War of Resistance to the United States and the United Nations will hit the three eight lines from the Duck Green River. We have completed the strategic tasks that safeguard the national dignity, rescue brothers, and played a decades of peaceful construction environment and achieved great victory. This has greatly improved the international status of New China, and China finally recognized as a strong country in the international stage. The United States also admitted that the new China as an equal opponent

After this war, the Chinese Army has a glorious tradition of infantry, and has played a strong artillery, armored soldiers, engineering soldiers, and communication soldiers have also leaping, the number and quality of the Chinese Air Force, also jumped to the World Air Force the third. The rich practice of this war has opened a window to watch the world’s advanced military technology. The construction of the annual plan.

The anti-US aid chartering greatly improved the Weixin in the hearts of the Communist Party in the hearts of the Chinese people, and the Chinese people were really standing in spirit. The anti-American aid chartering makes the domestic environment more stable, and the cohesiveness is further enhanced. Anti-American Aid Chao is politically, military, and economically includes the foundation of the system, forming a strong set of systems, still plays an important role in 70 years.

Strong Strong Forum: The Chinese People’s Volunteers are surrounded by death, and the blood is fighting, winning the great victory of anti-US aid.

What should we promote the spirit of great anti-US aid? Xu Yan: The War of Resistance to the United States is also a hero epic.

During the war, the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army combat heroic, emerged nearly 6,000 jobs and more than 300,000 heroic heroes.

The anti-US aid dynasty martyrs in the war, more need us to remember.

The victory of the United States and the War is a great support point for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

In the process of realizing national rejuvenation, the spirit of struggle in this war, a fearless sacrifice, still incentive to the country.

We must carry forward the great anti-US aid to the spirit, we must dare to fight, and we must dare to win.

At present, China’s comprehensive national strength and international status have been greatly improved, but there is still a certain gap compared to the United States.

It is necessary to meet various challenges and uncertainty factors.

On the basis of developing national economic, scientific, national defense, etc., doing a good spirit of mental inheritance, only hard strength and soft strength, China can stand in the world of the world.

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