What will it bring to traffic on Chengdu City Circle Ring Road Expressway?

  On December 10th, the Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Ring Road, which has been built in 8 years, finally closed. In Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, a "circle" of more than 400 kilometers is formed, along Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan City, from 16 districts (city) counties along lines.

  This is the longest distance from the 3 ring expressions of Chengdu Metropolitan Circle.

What is closed, will it bring to Chengdu City Circle? Add a large artery accelerated Chengdu City Circle "Extra Chang" at the door of a highway, alongline enterprises, residents get a real benefit. "In the past, our kiwi is transported to the Pengzhou Mongolian wholesale market. It takes 2 hours to drive. Now I will take Chengdu City Circle Ring Expressway, more than 20 minutes to run.

"There are 100,000 mu of Hongyang Kiwifa Town, Chengdu, Jiangyan City, Tianma Town Guilin Community Party Branch Secretary Summer Secretary, Chengdu City Circle Ring Expressway, the county, township, to form a direct connection.

  Multiple cities in the economic zone in the Chengdu Plain benefit. Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Expressway is less than 5 kilometers away from Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Mianyang, Deyang, Ya’an, Meishan, Leshan, Suining, Qianyang and other urban residents can pass this high speed to quickly arrive at the airport.

At the same time, there are 13 Chengdu radiation expressions in the highway to set up 46 in the whole line.

"This makes the connection between Chengdu urban circles.

"Li Xinyang, director of the Institute of Integrated Transportation Research Institute of the Provincial International Association, introduced the ring highway through the intersection of the radiocope, strengthen the connection between the radiation, and enhance the access control efficiency of the road network.

"The bigger the Radiation area, the radiation area, the influence range," Provincial Highway Planning Survey and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. Tang Guohan said that this "circle" also concluded three scenic landscapes such as Sanshi, Dujiangyan. The districts and the Chuanxia Town, the Chuanxi Town, which help to build a special tourism economic band.

"Form a transportation network to promote the development of the Chengdu Membo, the development of Chengdu Metropolitan Ring Expressway, and the high-quality development of Chengde hongsheng, supporting the urban circle of Chengdu City, the rule of nuclear breakthrough is standard. Provincial transportation Zhang Qi, deputy director of the department, said that the Chengdu Metropolitan Circle planned "3 winding 18 shot" highway network, now "3" comprehensive formation, plus the currently built 13 and 2-way ray, "marking Chengdu The city circle highway network is basically formed, and it is realized that it is 1 hour commutation.

"This" loop + radiation "board-type high-speed road network, high-efficiency series into comprehensive transportation hubs such as Chengdu International Airport, Chengdu International Railway Port and important logistics nodes.

Li Xinyang said that he can play a high-speed road advantage, helping to form an efficient and smooth modern circulation system, and support the construction of Chengdu International Integrated Transportation Hub.

  Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Development Plan proposes that enhances the support of small cities, county and key towns, builds extreme nuclear lead, bearing tandem, multi-support, and multi-purpose network urban circle space development pattern. The Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Ring Expressway is in series, exactly a special new district, economic development zone, and industrial belt with certain industrial development advantages. In the President of the Provincial Regional Economic Research Association, Darebin, director of the Regional Economics and Urban Management Research Center, Southwest Jiaotong University, convenient and fast high-speed road network, which helps to play the radiation of the surrounding area, and also beneficial to Deyang, Meishan, Zengyang has strengthened the landscape and regional cooperation, enhanced the horizontal level of Chengde, and the "extortion" of the two-city economic circle in the strengthening area. "Continue to improve the foreign highway channels of Chengdu as the core, focus on enhance the interconnection level of interconnection.

"Wang Maokui, chief engineer of the Provincial Department of Transportation, will focus on the promotion of 5 mouse expansion, Chengnan expansion, Chengcheng expansion, Tianzhu, De 成, etc., promote new start-up to expansion, Sub-expansion, Tianyi, Chengbian, Yalai, etc. 5 highway projects.

(Reporter Wang Meiling) [Editor: Xu Meida].