Yungang School Project won the first prize of Shanxi Teaching Achievement Award

People’s Network Taiyuan November 1st (Zhu Ziyang) Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education publicizes the list of "2021 Provincial Teaching Achievements (Higher Education) Awards", and 31 undergraduate colleges and universities in Shanxi Province reported 279 results. Established 28 items, 67 first prizes, 79 second prizes. At the University of Daxiang University, Yungang School has received 1 first prize, and the second prize was achieved.

Yunngong School of Winning Project "Exploration and Practice of the Eight Years of Cultural Relics Protection Technology Professional Talents Training Mode" was led by Professor Li Zhenmei, Dean of Yunngao School, and other four members participated in the finishing declaration.

In the eight-year development and construction of this major, Professor Li Zhenmei personally experienced the cultural relics protection technology of Yunngao School from the unity, from the initial development process of the development of the Yungang School.

The eight-year exploration and practice of cultural relic protection technology professional talent training model, gathered all aspects of cultural relics protection professional curriculum setting, laboratory construction, experimental instruments, professional internship, synergistic education, professional optimization, etc. Frequitment.

In the future development, the cultural relics protection technology of Yungang School will give full play to the demonstration radiation effect of the Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, sustained to increase the research and reform of education and teaching, continuously improve the quality of teaching, and strive to cultivate more excellent teaching results, further Helps the quality of talents and levels of Talent in Yunkao School.

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