Dare to practice the first "epidemic"

Retired is not negligent, the military is active.Zhang Guoqiang and 18 retired military volunteers around him have joined the streets and community organizations, and listened to the community unified arrangement deployment, and uses action to practice the "retired unveiled, retired non-fading".

Retired soldiers volunteers to 8 sites such as Haihong No.1, B, C, D, E-Zone, Farmers Market, Beautiful Home, Xinghai Road, etc.Assist the community to collect relevant epidemic information, popularize the prevention and control science knowledge, guide the people in the jurisdiction to improve the awareness of prevention and control, and go all out to cooperate with the prevention and control of the epidemic, and build a strong defense line around the people.

All volunteers have been fought for nearly 12 hours a day, fully reflecting the spirit of unfair, not afraid of tired soldiers, and striving for anti-vloars, publicizes, and guys.