Grassroots Party Construction Complex Small Alliance has a large energy

  Recently, the "Red Migration Society", the "Red Migration Society", the "Red Protective Society", the "Red Migration Society", the "Red Migration Society", the "Red Migration Society" of the Shangcheng District of Shangcheng District, Zhejiang Province. "I used to worry about the summer vacation, no one, now I have no worries!" Hu Dan, who lived in Wangjiang Street, did not help but feel it.

  In order to alleviate the summer family of urban communities, the children’s summer "seeking difficulties", Wangjiang Street "Wangjiang Hongyun" party building alliance linkage joint "Red Migration Society" launched a summer agent project covering the 6-year-old teenager group, open Since the class, more than 300 young people in the surroundings have been solved.

  In order to better meet the multiculturalism of the masses, Shangcheng District is a bridge bond with grassroots party complex, and strive to pass the warmth of the city.

At present, the Shangcheng District Party Construction Alliance has developed to 240, more than 2,560 units into the regionalized party building joint system, play an important role in regional development, grassroots governance, and convenience services. At 12 o’clock in noon, Zhu Ying, Sanitation worker, came to the urban management station in Xintang Road, put the meals in the refrigerator to the microwave. There are more than 7,000 urban management personnel in Shangcheng, engaged in sanitation, municipal, green, etc., in order to solve the problem of difficulty, rest is difficult, etc., Shangcheng District and 128 units have jointly established a joint construction, built 74 urban management station, average There is one kilometer, not only let the frontline employee have a rest, hot rice "home", but also benefit from the group of express brothers, network usage drivers.

  Xiao Yinghong Lane is the birthplace of the first local party organization in Zhejiang Province. In order to provide the residents with better service, the community established the "Red Wall" Party Construction Service Alliance, through the establishment of a list of demand, the list of projects, the integration of the joint unit, effectively cracking the lack of public facilities, and difficult parking in the community. "Small Alliance has a large energy, injecting vitality for grassroots governance." Cao Hao, secretary of the Community Party Committee of Xiaoying Lane.

  Urban grassroots party construction complex also adds power to regional development. Shangcheng insisted on activating the new movement of the company with high quality party construction, the field, the field, the division of the branch, and the role of the Alliance "resource sharing, complementary, and risk sharing". As the first batch of specialty towns in Zhejiang Province, Yellow Emperor Shannan, Yellow Town, breaking the region, industry and organization, established the "Red Cloud Alliance".

At present, the total asset management of small towns is nearly 105 yuan, and the accumulation of 40,29 of the entity economic project, supporting 165 enterprises listed, and truly achieved strong party construction and strong development. "Urban grassroots party construction complex has effectively improved the overall effect of urban grassroots party building interconnection, transforming the party’s political advantages, organizational advantages into development advantages." Li Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Shangcheng District Committee, and Li Jun, Minister of Organization.

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