Entry for 20 years: changes in the wheel

  Entry for 20 years: Changes on the wheel 2021 years ago, my country’s car exports have increased significantly, and they have a high history of history.

From January to September this year, the second-hand car trading volume exceeded 12.96 million, a year-on-year increase. In October, my country’s auto exports have been refreshed again. From January to November this year, my country’s new energy vehicle production and sales have reached a record high. In the past 15 years, my country’s car safety technology has achieved remarkable progress. This year is China’s 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which changes have been in the Chinese auto industry in 20 years? Follow the reporters to see the changes in Chinese wheels. The car began to enter the ordinary family car media. ? Then I bought the first car in my life in 2002, it is a Jetta. At that time, it was a famous product in "Old Three" (Fukang, Jetta, Santana). At the time, it was 13,1300 yuan. ? It is very expensive. ? ? Because there is a daughter I bought this car, I felt that the children were easily sick to go to the hospital. ? Or have a child to go out, but if there is no car, it is very inconvenient.

At that time, we bought money, our own money is not enough, but also fully explained the time? ? Our Chinese and Chinese consumers are desiway for a car.

  Keep up with the world’s trend to usher in the development opportunity Car Media Jia Ke: When I first started, everyone felt that "Wolf" came, I feel that China Auto Industry, China Auto Market? ? Is it necessary to occupy all foreigners? that time? ? I am very interesting to see this industry. ? Moreover, the industry is relatively large, and it is investing in the report.

When I spent the world, I called the world? ? Is it possible to exchange technology with market switching technology? ? ? At that time, the first content I wrote actually called "another self-owned road", the subtitle called "how to cultivate the flowers of the company in the soil of the joint venture." At that time, we only lack of market, technology, and products. ? But after opening the country, we have more knowledge, and foreign brands are not only in this market. ? Cultivate consumers and cultivate it? ? China’s local car talents, today, more and more talents are now.

  We also have more and more people, of course us? ? Chinese people are also very intelligent ,? ? In the whole process, we also follow the trend of the development of the world car, so find out after step by step, open the portal,? ? Then everyone struggle together, fight together, compete with each other, everyone can only be more and more stronger. In constant innovation, towards high quality future car media people Jia Ke: Government policies,? ? Further expand open, further cancellation of various restrictions, then loosen to the company, especially for smart electric new cars more opportunities.

  ? ? In this process, the Chinese trucks have been later hung, and the Chinese cars have been in the forefront in this competition in the global car innovation. This is what I didn’t think of it. ? China’s car consumers have the world’s largest automotive products to choose,? ? This is also a blessing for consumers. In fact, since the end of the world? ? The Chinese auto industry has experienced two major changes, the first is that the car enters the family and traditional cars enter the family. Later, with the birth of the intelligent electric new car era,? ? More and more new generations have occurred, so China’s market or China’s consumers? ? With more and more choices, so no longer is the era of "old three" in the past, now it is a new car era of all flowers.

  (The total station CCTV reporter Zhang Yi Gao Rui Wang Jialin).