“what,No way?”Xiaolan couldn’t help it,Immediately rang the old man I saw at the art gallery two days ago,Can’t help asking eagerly:“What happened later,How’s it going?Did that old gentleman kill someone??”

“what?Didn’t you say that you don’t know about it??How did you know that the curator is an old man。”Strange road in the garden。
“On saturday,I just ran into it when I visited the art gallery。”Xiaolan quickly explained and reached out to the magazine in the garden。
After reading all,Xiaolan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief,“what,It was not implemented,Yuanzi, you really surprised me。”
“Hehe,Those are not the point。”Yuanzi smiled and pointed to another young man in the magazine.:“This is the point!Not only sees through the curator’s murderous intentions,Persuasion prevented the other party,More importantly, he is handsome!!”
“what,Speaking of it, Tangze did go to the art museum that day,And it’s for investigation“weird”Just went。”
Xiao Lan suddenly had a little luck on her face,“It seems that Criminal Tang Ze really noticed this“weird”Hidden events,And successfully prevented the tragedy from happening.
that is really good…Moreover, the art museum was preserved under the advice of the general public…”
“Eh eh eh!!!”
Talking,Xiaolan’s voice was interrupted by Yuanzi’s exclamation,She couldn’t help but look up at the garden,But found that the other person was surprised at her face,Can’t help asking strangely:“Garden,what happened?”
“you…You know the Tang Ze criminal in the report!?”Yuanzi looked at Xiaolan tremblingly,A frantic expression of envy and hatred,“hateful!Why,Every time a handsome guy lets Xiaolan meet you!!”
“do not…Don’t shake it。”Xiaolan broke free from the shaking of the garden:“It’s the acquaintance I met in the case my father solved before,He is a new criminal。”
“So,Then I have something to ask you!”Yuanzi revealed“Bad intentions”Smile。
“What…what?”Xiaolan saw the garden like a nympho,Vigilant:“Don’t you let me do strange things。”