Tang Ze is no exception,I bought the cake, everyone cut it in the office and ate it,I’m busy all year round,Take a break from your busy schedule。

Everyone is an adult,I don’t have too much time to live home,Coupled with the particularity of the job,The friendship between colleagues is also very deep,Unlike other general companies,Intrigue all day long。
That night,Because there is no work,So everyone in the third department gets off work early,After solving dinner together,Tang Ze set off to the opera house to meet Ayako and others。
Night in winter,Obviously, it’s only nearly six o’clock,The sky has completely fallen into the night。
But the bustling city,And Wanjia Lightning,But the night is bright and dazzling。
Tonight is christmas eve,People use excuses to celebrate holidays,Started the nightlife of laughter and laughter。
Countless couples walked on the street towards the dating destination,The children also look forward to Santa’s gifts,Laughing and playing。
Even in the hospital,Mother with big belly,Also looking forward to the birth of a new life。
After all, this will save one holiday…
Cough,joke,It’s a good wish for the child。
“Thank you~”
In the pink warm ward of the hospital,Young woman beating her belly takes the water glass from her husband,With a gentle smile on his face。
“how about it?All right?Do you feel okay?”The husband sat on a stool and looked at his wife with concern and asked gently。
“Totally fine~”With a ponytail and gentle stroking her bulging belly,There was a motherly gentle smile on his face。
“correct,Ryosuke,Didn’t I say tonight that I’m going to do the night cleaning work??”The woman seems to remember something suddenly,Look at husband:“It’s this point now,Don’t you have time to hurry up??
“Yep…Isn’t the due date tomorrow?,I thought about it,Otherwise, just ask for leave。”The man named Ryosuke looked at his wife and said with concern。
“what are you talking about。”The woman smiled helplessly with the cup,“I am okay,You are too nervous,And you said you agreed to do a night shift??Do it well。”
“Having said that。”Ryosuke rubbed his nose and looked at his wife:“But don’t you want me to accompany you here?”
“I’m okay。”The caring wife smiled softly,Then wrap the scarf around the husband,“Which place is responsible for cleaning today?”