“When did that happen?”Miwako Sato asked。

“It just happened that the show I liked ended,It’s almost evening6When you click around。”Saburo Kawara scratched his head and said。
Hear words,The eyes of Tang Ze and Miwako Sato sharpened instantly。
The whereabouts of the deceased is consistent with the estimated time of death,This is a very important piece of information。
Because if this is the case,Then the deceased is probably after meeting the administrator,Was killed by a prisoner and moved the body inside the room。
“So what was the expression of Miss Asamiya at the time??”Tang Ze continued to ask。
“This one,Really weird。”Saburo Kawara reminded him of passing by Karizawa,I really remembered something。
“I happened to take the newspaper,Seeing Miss Asamiya hurried back,Said as usual“Welcome back”Said hello。”
Saburo Kawara frowned and thought back:“Miss Mamong stood still for a moment,Then replied“Hello there”,So he hurried upstairs。
She usually greets me,It’s really weird thinking about it now。”
“That is to say at that time,Maybe Miss Asamiya is already involved in some case?。”
Mikako Sato frowned and said:“But this way,It ruled out that the deceased was killed outside,Was moved to the bedroom。”