Took out milk and bread and started breakfast,Then go to the Metropolitan Police Department to work as usual。

But today Tang Ze ran into an unexpected character at the door,Do not,Should be a,People who shouldn’t appear but conform to common sense。
Maori Kogoro,Tang Ze met him at the door。
“Morning,Maori detective,Do you know what happened to the Metropolitan Police Department so early today??”Tang Ze greeted and asked with a smile。
But Tang Ze already has the answer in his heart。
In that case,Tang Ze needs to blend in。
In this week,Tang Ze also discovered a lot of differences from before。
Even if he hasn’t really lived in this era,But in my previous life I also watched a lot of reasoning dramas about this era,I don’t know the Metropolitan Police Department,But it’s not like this。
In general,The treatment is much better,Is a good thing。
And more importantly,Promotion in this world is related to your own ability,Even the elites in the professional group are the same,Will be promoted faster, etc.。
and so,Kogoro Mori,Do not,It’s very necessary to have a good relationship with Conan。
After all, Tang Ze is an ordinary reasoning lover,Let him be a detective…To be honest。
If it wasn’t for the original test, I was in the professional group,Coupled with the economic downturn,Tang Ze will consider whether to do other work。