Many of these factors can be said to be“coincidence/luck”,If you did not apply for identity in advance,But wait for Tang Ze to ask,Then some risks。

When the time comes, the major forces will check,Found out of thin air,Then it should raise suspicion,There are no flaws in it now,After all, Asai Narumi was real in those years。
Know that the undercurrents of the major organizations are still there,After Tang Ze made great contributions,Resumed daily life,Didn’t even go to Moonyoung Island。
The island still needs Asai’s original appearance,Wait for some time the turmoil subsides,Just let Akimi Miyano come back to Tokyo to change things.。
So Tang Ze has been relaxing recently。
Pulling hemp after get off work、Ayako three people work out together,Then have a meal together and send the light bulb away,Take a walk with Ayako in a park or something,Or go to a movie。
Of course there is still progress,But it’s not a big step,I just pull my hand,But the relationship between the two is much closer,At least it’s not as shy as before.。
Now the two can hold hands naturally,Or when you take a walk,It belongs to the kind of step-by-step contact with the natural rise of emotions。
But just when you indulge in love and daily life,Different developments are happening everywhere at the same time。
For example, after learning that Akemi Miyano mysteriously disappeared,Hideichi Akai paid attention to this immediately,And plan to go to Tokyo。
After Toko got the information, he jumped repeatedly as a binocular spy,At the same time, this mysterious force is regarded as the representative force behind Akai Hideichi,Started a secret investigation。
of course,The most volatile lunch is“winery”Up,After all, a member defected from the organization,Even if it is peripheral, it has something to do with important researchers,And still“Shenyin”General way。
This kind of big move can’t help“winery”Don’t think much,After a wave of destruction of evidence,Gin Flicks Miyano Shiho Continues Research。
But unfortunately,Because of research work,She hasn’t seen her sister for a long time,Before Akemi Miyano disappeared,She happened to be the node where the social animal finished her work and prepared to rest and meet her sister。
So the organization began to shirk,Flicker Shiho Miyano take a break,Your sister’s organization has something to explain to her,Your sisters will be able to meet when you come home。
Anyway, it’s all kinds of flickers, this underage child worker continues to work。
But if Shiho Miyano is so cheating,I won’t be under pressure at a young age,Become a social animal without a salary。
So she endured it first,Prepared for the worst,After that, I asked to meet my sister at intervals。
At the beginning, the organization sent people to shirk,Prevaricate her,But over time,The organization knows it can’t hide it,Began to threaten。