“Of course,Have always been a fan,We all think Mr. Ace is tall and handsome,This is the first time I know about being low,If you let the fans know,I’m afraid everyone will be disappointed。”

Speaking of which,Ai Sisha was a little lost:“After I knew the news,The first reaction is not to believe,So after I went home after dinner,Finally couldn’t help but ran back,I want to take a peek at Mr. Ace outside,But who knew that something like that happened…”
And after Tang Ze on the side listened to the reason why he turned back,Can’t help but frown。
Listen to Essa,She obviously turned back on a whim。
Even if Akina Lixiang deliberately aroused her curiosity,There is no guarantee that Essa will definitely turn back after she leaves。
After all, she can also pick the next opportunity to visit,Have a formal meeting with Mr. Ace。
So her return is not necessary,Which means,Ai Sisha witnessed all this,Really just a coincidence。
For those who suspect Akina Rika is the murderer,This is really an unfavorable reality。
After all, ordinary murderers commit crimes,It must be an alibi of ideas,Want to get rid of the police。
But the opposite,I’m afraid there is not,After all, if you arouse the suspicion of the police,Then you will be investigated,Isn’t this self-inflicted?。
And the timing of Akana Rika’s choice,But when the two are alone,Poison and kill with snacks,This is really not the right time。
After all, the maid at the time also left the villa,There are only two people in the villa,Isn’t it clear who is the murderer at this time?。
Although this harvest is not satisfactory,But Tang Ze is not without mental preparation,After all, if the case is not tricky,It’s not his turn to solve it。
Simultaneously,He is also in this question,Got some other useful news,Confirmed the thoughts in my mind。
But now is not the time to sort out the case,Tang Ze Circulation,Looking at Essa with a smile, she continued to ask:“Thanks for your testimony,Good reference value。Besides, Miss Essa, I want to ask again。
In the previous testimony,You said that the dessert that two people share is a round pie with red beans.?Can you see the dim sum clearly??”