After being hanged by others and coming from behind is not what Tang Ze wants to see,Constant pressure is what Tang Ze wants。

I want you to know,Your uncle will always be your uncle!
Of course,The reaction of the red and black parties after this incident,Long before the plan started, he was already based on his previous life information and his personal understanding of this life,Predicted the reaction of both parties,I’m not too worried at the moment。
Even if they know that both sides will treat him as a trouble or a pawn,He doesn’t care,I would rather be so。
Sometimes on the bright side,Watched by both sides,On the contrary, it can conceal the secrets hidden under it more than hiding it。
And as a“outsider”,As long as there is no information that he entered“circle”in,Will make the black organization have concerns。
And for red hair,Tang Ze, an outstanding existence,It’s also worth their effort to make friends。
And after clicking on the panel to count this settlement reward,Tang Ze is a little dissatisfied。
【Congratulations to the host for getting500Fate point】
【Congratulations to the host for winning the next lottery,Can specify an opportunity to increase the chance of acquiring a daily skill。】
Look at the prompt on the system panel,Although Tang Ze had expected,But still slightly depressed。
But he also knows,This case is destined to not have too many rewards,After all, the original ending of this bus hijacking case is nothing short of surprises。
And own participation,And there is no significant difference from the original,The result is similar。
Now you can get the chance of getting a lottery of daily skills and fate points.,It’s a good harvest。
But after all, it was a waste of so much planning,Always want to get more rewards。
After all, Tang Ze took a big risk this time。
If you are not careful because of your own participation,Resulting in even worse results,Then really blood loss
Favored by fate,Must be the first one。
If it is not enough to offset the negative impact,It’s a weakened version“Death is coming”。