This voice is definitely Su Mei undoubtedly!

”Who is here?!“
Shocked,No one looks around,Only the flowers and leaves on the flower pond are swaying by the wind!
I heard it right!That’s Su Mei’s voice!I rub!This auditory hallucination is too powerful!Giant reality!I looked around in panic,Really scared by this auditory hallucination。
”Giggle,You stupid!Life is pretty good!“
Su Mei’s voice rang again,But this time her voice is fuzzy and muddy,It seems to be transmitted from a remote place through a voice changer,It’s weak and twisted,And there is the kind of fluctuation that is interfered by strong electromagnetic!
What exactly is going on?I quickly walked back to the room,Covering my ears along the way,I feel a bit crazy。
I’m absolutely sure this time!
This voice is not a hallucination!It is real!
But it exists somewhere deep in my head,I was so nervous that my whole body was shaking,What exactly happened here?How could Su Mei’s voice get into my head?
I can’t help but ask:”Sumei, what are you doing?Why can you get into my head and talk?“
Su Mei’s voice flickered,Mixed with electromagnetic fluctuations and white noise:”Your interference here is too serious,Go out and find a better position。“
Hear this,I had to walk out of the room again,Walk all the way to the flower pond,Su Mei’s voice stabilized:”Naive goods,Don’t speak up now,Someone is watching you!Just listen to me quietly。“
Standing on the path of the flower pond,I am surrounded by dense flowers and leaves on both sides,Su Mei’s voice is clearer,But occasionally there are still fluctuations:”Don’t be afraid,I am using my grandpa’s smart device,I can communicate with your brain waves through this stuff,My grandpa used this stuff to contact me before,I thought I was crazy,That’s why I didn’t dare to tell you。“
No wonder she felt weird at that time,It turned out to be harassed by this auditory hallucination,But everyone will be scared,After all, there was a voice in my head for no reason,Is this schizophrenia or something?I was shocked for a while,There are devices connected by brain waves on this island,How high-tech this thing is!
”Idiot, listen to me,I can hear the voice in your head now,So don’t think about the things you shouldn’t think about!I can’t see your situation at the moment,Now I can only talk about the method of using the holy ring!You first use your mind to open the holy ring gem,This process is probably a bit slow,It takes time for the holy ring to connect with your spirit,If you are talented for a few minutes,It may take a few days if you are stupid,Don’t worry,I have found the place where Lu Xiong and Wenru are imprisoned,correct,Almost forgot to say,Chu Hong and Tao Tao are here,Then you will save them too。“Su Mei’s voice seemed calm。
I tried to communicate with her in my heart:”Eyebrow,Ouyang be with you?And monkeys?Is it still on your side?“
Su Mei’s voice is surprised:”Oh you can,Learned to talk so soon?You student can,It seems that you don’t need to invite parents。“