White Jiang I don’t know when I come to the door,Say lazy:“It should be right,This fragrance tastes I remember,Sexy red lips also make me impressed,I have saved this guy.,Fighting and dying, hunting, hard work,You don’t have to add the tail.?”

“Um?I really hit my mind to you.?That money is not white,Give。”
Strange woman,Let Chen Linzhi as well as Yin、Song Yuexian, etc.,Like it is in the fog,Unclear。
As for the white river,I am too lazy to manage these idle things.,Do your own lives,Less the less, you are good for everyone.。
Just if you don’t hear it to deduct money,It will not be fired to explain。
Of course,He also hugged the opportunity to see the beautiful girl.,How can a good opportunity?。
Chen Linzhi is in a hurry to understand the thread of the whole thing,Ask:“How do you know that I will be dangerous?,Who will hit my mind??Clear,I am very annoying.!”
“Who else?,About the old head,Oil is not in、Old bacon,Your luck is not good as his roommate,Live this will be unlucky。”
Unfamiliar women are obviously interested in Chen Linzhi,Horns and horn,Self-introduction:
“Forget that even,Re-understand,My name is Yu Luoqi。Your parents in the early years,The child sitting in the car is me,Maybe this,Let me impress you,You can forget me,I still remember your name.。”
Chen Linzhi is not the previous one,Hear more confused,But there is no feeling of sadness.。
Whether it is Yin Yu or Song Yuezi,I all spotted that her name is a little familiar.。
Yin Zhari first remember,Scared:“Your surname,Is it a drama 虞 虞 姬?I heard that there are many white gangs who have operated a lot of business.,Two new two months have changed a young and beautiful huddle,you”
“I am not wrong.。Chen Linzhi, you,People have heard of me.,How can you forget??
I don’t know how many times I am a child.,I am scared because of your parents.,Your dad sent me to school,Shun Road took your mother to the hospital to visit you,Boots by my dad on the half road。This is coming back and forth,There are countless times in my mind.,I really admire your heart.,This can throw after brain,I thought you would hate me for a lifetime.。”
Yan Luoqi talks。
She will always remember the funeral of more than ten years ago.,Have a boy holding photo frame,Walking the dead,A piece of death。
So last year,When she knows something message,In the first time, I found a good hand in my own.,Dark protection Chen Linzhi a period of time
NS30chapter Settlement
Suddenly find the Yusuqi for the door,At first, I saw Chen Linzhi’s heartless lung.,Only when you are trapped into the past, you will be secretly tangled.,Very uncomfortable for this。
I then think about it again.,I feel that Chen Linzhi will be young.,Can forget your grief,Maybe it is also a good thing.。
Thinking of the early years, his parents save themselves.,Now, you will save him again.,Don’t say it,At least there is so much loss。
Unfolding a heart from a small trouble,Yu Luoqi’s mood suddenly opened,
This is the two Tang Dynasty, the West Coast.,One of the most affectionate rudder,Where is it so little woman’s twist?。
White gang,Rise in the construction period of the US West Coast of the last century,Many of the exhaustive strugglers in the railway joint,A small group,Subsequently went to San Francisco Tao Gold Life,Already there is a hundred years。
until now,The number of help is still thousands,The core backbone member,Holdings in many Chinatown residents,Taxi company、nightclub、Smoke and alcohol、Transportation, etc.,It’s a company that walks on a gray zone.,Many business have already legalized。
So the twenty-four-year-old Yuluqi,In Yin Hugui and Song Yuezi,Completely equivalent to one of the highest local hills,They dare not insert,I am afraid that I accidentally can’t get this,Women who are very terrible in the outside rumors。
Since her last, the white help has been constantly,Clean a bunch of veteran people,Self-breaking hand-stopping part is very profitable,Change to invest in other industries。
Strictly said,Wen’s work,The boss belongs to the white gang,Earn some hard money to support the family。
I saw the rudder of the surname to find the door.,Yin Zhen is very surprised,I don’t think Chen Linzhi actually knows such a character.,I complained that he didn’t talk after he didn’t meal.,Otherwise you can also follow the light。
But look,The relationship is not hard enough,Yin Caffened is a pity for this,If you think about it, you can justify you.
Old yellow calendar than the earlier,Chen Linzhi is more concerned about the current thing。
I finally figured out why Baijiang will come from self,Tight a long time,Therefore, it is gradually relaxed.。
It seems to be a long to know your own Yuluqi.,Sitting on the living room sofa,Chen Linzhi asked her:“When i was young,We have seen it.,Since you mention the matter,What do my parents encounter somethingI only remember a car accident.,Every night, people are gone.,Then I was sent to the orphanage,It seems that no one told me what happened.。”
“You were sent to the orphanage?”
Yan Luoi won the frown,Like I heard a strange thing,Ask:“I remember that I gave your relatives.,Ask them to help raise your adult,Considerable,Give,Who will you send an orphanage??”