All the morning,Also by the students pointing,Zhou Xingxing tightened nerve endowed the edge of the outbreak。

Class,He is angry laughing at his classmates,Just saw the director of the teaching,Hanging a sign of a week,Standing at the playground central for the whole school teachers and students strong onlookers。
AM station corridor,Afternoon station playground,Just two days,Zhou Xingxing Jiji Ai Dingbao Middle School Station,Solden status。
Wait until you go home,Open the day of the day again,Flying tiger team’s number one killer sweat under the rain,I have seen myself tomorrow.。
Consistent,Continue to punish。
Penalty station is not terrible,Compared to the classroom,Zhou Xing Xingning free throw,But he is going to school to be crime,The classroom can’t go,How to start the case。
One time,Zhou Xingxing is uncomfortable,I plan to go back to the alarm to let the boss find the sages,He is really not working at school.。
Just when he picked up the big brother,I suddenly thought of beautiful female teacher He Min,Hesitate。
“Ax Xing,How to pick up a day from night,It is also flat in the school.?”
Liao Wenjie, who went home from get off work, couldn’t help but laugh,no other meaning,I feel interesting。
“Show,Who dares to flat me??”
Zhou Xingxing white Liao Wenjie:“Dadeca last night told me,Since you already know,When no one is, I should call me star brother or week.Sir。young people,Long sequence can’t be chaotic,Don’t let me teach you this kind of truth。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Tap, you have to enter your room.。
“Wait a minute,Ager,Daxie said that you are a high-profile student.,real or fake?”
Zhou Xingxing 正 正 作 作 作,Looking at Liao Wenjie’s back suddenly remembered what,I hurriedly shouted him.。
“Not,Just knowing the merits,Know the point of geography,Middle school knows the physical physics,By the way, understand a few foreign languages,And what is biochemical”
Liao Wenjie shook his head,Mean,Although he is also a somewhere,But through the through,This world inherits the knowledge base,Everything knows something。
“real or fake,Then you help me see,Can these homework do??”Zhou Xingxing bright,Please return Liao Wenjie to the tea table of the living room。
“weekSir,Are you taking an error?,This is the homework of primary school students.?”
“Ager,Blowing is wrong。”Zhou Xingxing smiled,Excellent。
“Not reason,You just have a blow.。”
Finish,Liao Wenjie does not return,Walking with your room。
People flash,Zhou Xingxing blocks at the door,A big hand:“Liao Wenjie,Now I am using the Identity of Hong Kong Island Police,Require you unconditionally cooperated with the police to help me write homework。”
“weekSir,You are scared when I am.?”
Liao Wenjie smiles disdainful,Take the hand of Zhou Xingxing,From his side around him。
“Jiege,Just I am too arrogant,I’m guilty,I recognize。”
Hard can’t come soft,Zhou Xingxing pulled Liao Wenjie,Big cat:“See everyone is relatives,And it’s 靓 仔 的,Pull me。I promise,Only one,Do not take。”
“weekSir,You can not call,Long sequence can’t be chaotic,This truth is still taught me.。”
“Jiege,It’s my pig’s heart.,You don’t remember the little man,Help star!”
“A star,Do people,The most important thing is a letter,Say that the water spurted,Be responsible。”
Liao Wenjie shook his head,Disdain:“If you finish your front?,If you want to collect back,You do this like this,I am hard to do.!”
“Hey,Don’t talk”
Chapter Six I heard that Dad is son.,The son fainted
“starting today,No one can let me stand in the corridor,Station playground”
Find a way to solve the job,Zhou Xingxing discovered again in the classroom again,Hells who have suffered hell is not in Erle,Not worth mentioning。