But in front of everyone,I’ve torn my face long ago,There is no way out at this moment,He yelled,“Less special,Hurry up,Just let these brothers watch,How prestigious is your boss!”

“and many more,Headed。”Among the silent people,Wenhui finally couldn’t help it,He hurried up the first two trails,“Lao Peng did not do the right thing today,But what happened to Nie Tao was too sudden,Some questions and reactions……I think it’s normal,You also know the relationship between A Hua and Nie Tao,So out of line。But anyway,Please also the mastermind for everyone’s suffering,Spare him this time。”
Li Tianchou tilted his head,Seems to listen very seriously,And nodded pretentiously。But I secretly sighed Wenhui’s kindness,But a fool。
Seeing Li Tianchou seemed to be moved by Wen Hui,Zhang Wen and Broad Bean, who were staring at them, were relieved.,Qi Baozhu, who has been clenching his fists, is also a lot easier。He is really afraid of facing Li Tianchou,One comes from knowing that he is not an opponent,Secondly, it doesn’t make sense,Everyone with a discerning eye can see that Peng Weihua is using the topic today,It’s really outrageous,If it’s not for the sake of growing up with him,He will never start his mind。
Chapter 481 Spicy Expert Method(2)
Zhu Lei found that Li Tianchou’s mood was wrong,You Shilong took a step back,He made two steps,I’m in front of Wenhui,“Headed,Since today is mainly about Nie Tao,Do other things go back??Don’t worry about Ohua……”
Li Tianchou nodded likewise,But very impatient,An expression of disgust suddenly cut off Zhu Lei’s words。This made Old Zhu’s heart sink,Peng Weihua may not escape today,But then,I’m afraid that Yuxing is about to fall apart。
“Don’t plead with me,Let this rebel do it,I want to see his methods。”Persuaded by everyone,The terrible thing in Peng Weihua’s heart just now seems to be dimmed a lot,Stubbornly yelling again。
“Ok,Makes sense。”Li Tianchou calmly responded,It makes everyone confused,Seeing him looking up at Zhu Lei,It seems that the atmosphere really needs to ease down,But I can’t figure out the wrong answer to the question just now.。
“As head family,What to say,Like splashed water,The so-called word must do。But one day as a teacher,Father for life,Hurt the teacher,It’s like hurting one’s own parents,No matter how bad i am,I am still a living person walking in the world,and so……”
“What are you talking about?,Is it fun to be fake??Come if there is something!”Peng Weihua thought he saw Li Tianchou riding a tiger hard to get off,Suddenly talk a lot at this moment,I’m afraid it is delaying time,Down the stairs,So even more unscrupulous。
“So I can’t do it either。”Li Tianchou is unmoved,“But the facts tell me,Yuxing can have today,It depends on unity,Future development,More need for unity。Any factors of disunity,Can lead to decline,Even die,Many real examples are in front of you,Everyone shouldn’t forget Sun Kaizi、Wang Fan……”
“I say stupid apprentice,Pull away?Can’t do it?What are you going to do?”
“it is good,as you wish。”Li Tianchou’s voice just fell,Suddenly raised his right hand,Suddenly down again,A click came from Peng Weihua’s wrist,This time it was the sound of broken bones。Peng Da yelled in pain,My eyes turned white。