“Well,Give money!”Wu Yuanjia stretched out his hand。

“I……I don’t have so much cash now……But I can go back to the city to get it for you!”
Wu Yuanjia sneered:“Why believe you!”
“Just rely on the word Ruan Tian!”
Ruan Tian Anger:“You can inquire,How many properties does Nguyen Tian have in Hanoi,Am I the one who is 50 million behind?!”
Wu Yuanjia doesn’t sell his face at all:“I care who you are,Don’t want to leave today without paying!”
“you……Don’t force people too much!”
Wu Yuanjia sneered:“Repaying debts is justified,Really want to force you,I have more means to let you know what is too much……”
“Forget it。”
Chen Xiu who was silent for a while said:“Wu Yuanjia,Let him write an IOU,You will come to collect the bills in two days!”
“Mr. Chen,It’s too cheap for him!”
Chen Xiu said with a smile:“Only fifty million,A small amount of money can’t be beaten and killed!”
Chen Xiu can really say that he is not interested in money like a Hangzhou horse.,And he is really not interested in money。
More money is just a bunch of numbers。
Obviously the thing that can make Chen Xiu still desire is love、Affection、Friendship,It’s only the exploration of the power of Zhen Qi and many unknown explorations this week,For example, Taiyi Secret Realm、Civilization of prehistoric humans。
“Good luck,Mr. Chen doesn’t care about you。”Wu Yuanjia said indifferently to Ruan Tian:“Write an IOU!”