“Don’t praise me.,This battle is not reached,I have to accept punishment.。”San Tailo said,

“Punishment?Is it because I didn’t destroy the killing of the gods??”
“Originally, our goal is to eliminate killing,Fang Tianyi and Sun Vie City。”
“Do we have a few thousand people?!”
“Be definitely different,Because these Huajun’s dangers are far from killing the gods and the two new four arms。”
“This result is very good.!We will talk to you.!”
Who doesn’t know that the three tail is too big to be the target of the West Sail.,If this combat is not an array of waves,This battle plan will certainly succeed,So this time no success is really not blame three tail.,This session of this session is still willing to do。
Xi Sail Qualification is a little regrettable,But it is also a good result that can eliminate thousands of Chinese army.,No one in the previous nobles did not expect Huajun Third Warcaskeeen to send a rescue。
Shangguan Yun is definitely dissatisfied with this result,Because the operation plan is said to have only one division plus a mixed brigade.,As a result, two teachers,He immediately asked Chongqing。
Dai boss doesn’t understand,Ask Wu Tianbao, what is going on immediately?,Wu Tianbao does not know,At the beginning, it is indeed a mixed residence.,Just starting everything is done according to the plan。
What happened to the end, only if you ask, you can know,So I have to wait。
San Yousheng Feng with several divisions returned to Nanjing,Xi Sail,Hometown,Duqiao Yong Yi and many all listened to the battle report,Because no one is expected to gain the Huajun will participate,Some hardships who have just started playing,But in the timely adjustment of the three tails, finally won the victory.,So still praised him。
NS716chapter Long-lost system task
This is a few ministries who are expected.,Originally, the three-tailed Youfeng is the object of Xi’an,Then say that the three ends of Youfeng command is indeed no problem.,If it is not he adjusted in time,The twenty-second division and the seventeenth mixed hidden injury is much larger.。
Because it has now received the exact intelligence,Huajun’s thirty-second group army, but the eight divisions were prepared,If it is not a three-tailed, you will be adjusted in time,Waiting for other five teachers,I don’t know what to go to the last result.。
In the end, the West Sailing is still promoted to the three-tailed commander.,Continue to meet the leader of the 17th mix,Responsible for defense tasks in Shanghai and surrounding areas。
Qi Rui put the information prepared in advance, let Manti give the six brothers Zheng Yao first,Because the national army failed, it must be to wear a statement.,The seventeenth division and the twenty-second division are sent to the downtown Shou Shou.,He didn’t know before。
This reason makes no one without words,Because the three ends of the fengfeng are only a big Zigui,He doesn’t know that the Sailing arrangement is not impossible.。
I don’t have a relief of the same and Shangguan Yun.,Originally, their task is to rescue the killing team surrounded by the Japanese army.,And they successfully completed the operational task。
Rui Rui is also a tone of thousands of new four armies sacrificed in the southern incident.,But this is pure to his personal behavior,The most important thing, his current identity is the three tail,This is also made by the West Sail.,Otherwise he can’t get the trust of the dispatch army。
The result is still good now.,The killing team has left Huangshan to unknown,Fang Tianyi Group and Sun Vie Cities are still active,The thirty-second group army returned to his zone。
Shanghai Fengcheng did not find killing god rude for more than a month,Xu Baichuan is even more no news,This shake is from August.,Three Tail You Feng received a very unexpected message,That is, Kayi Wei and Bernard, who bought an intelligence before, suddenly arrested by Germany.。
Get this news, immediately found the Zhujiang Yunzi inquiry:“Why do they catch these two people??”
“I heard that the Germans have been looking for an intelligence vendor.,Previously, this intelligence vendor sold a lot of important intelligence.。”
Have you loudly,The Germans finally knew that John Li’s existence,ask:“Oh!Do we have this intelligence trafficker??”
“no,According to Kaisiwei and Bernard,They are all completely two people,One is the dressing of middle-aged people,John Li,One is like a flowerborn,He said that he is 锐,The same information on these two people is the same,And it is really valuable at the time.,So the German wants to find this person.,Want to know their intelligence source。”
“Is there information about our big Japanese empire??”
“Also,I heard that this person is precisely foresee and we will start at the time of China.,Hazhou,Nanjing,He also said results in the battle in Wuhan!,So we are now looking for this person.。”Zhuneng Yunzi said,
“It seems that people who are arrested are all over.?”
“Yes,Germans have used them to use drugs.,These two people said the truth,And we also know this intelligence trader,Because he first helped to save two very important people。”
“This important one must find!Arrange,I have to see the two people who have been caught by Germans.。”
“I immediately arranged,Because they are in our special high-tech prison。”
“very good,I will go to Shanghai tomorrow.!”
It is estimated that the Germans are looking for themselves for two days.,Ruiru is a little worried,Because now, how can the German know that it is sold?。
Rui Rui came to Shanghai,I saw Kayiwei and Bernard that have been smashed in the scales.,Whether it is a Japanese or a German?,Some expansion now,American spies also dare to catch,It should be the content of this two.。