“friend,You hurt our people,How to say?”Gandis pointed to Dongxing Road,It was the Dongxing’s arduous baldness.。

“What do you want??”Dongxing also took a smoke to go.。
“readily,First accompany us1000Wanmeijin medical expenses,Second, we apologize,This matter is understanding。”Gandis bruises,Say your condition。
Talk time,The people behind him have a group of people pick up a pistol.,The blank hole is aligned with Lin Feng and other people.,It seems that you can’t shoot。
“1000Million dollars,Kneel off?”Dongxing gods the words of the words:“Can!”
“it is good,There is a saying in your Chinese.,Time-seekers are Junjie,First kneel down,Then pay1000Million dollars,This matter is known.。”Gandis he spit a smoking hallway。
Dongxing took out ten banknotes directly,Every banknote is dollar bills,Green flower,Face value100Downtown,There are10open100Van Golden Banknotes,Let the people behind Gundis look at the eyes。
Feng De et al.,They know that these people are not full,Ming Kong and Feng Kun also secretly。
Lin Feng,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Love and others, a look。
The look of Dongxing respectfully1000Van Ganjin has gone to respect respect:“This boss,Please accept。”
Handed Gandis between speaking。
Gandis face is exposed to the color laugh:“Time-seekers are Junjie,good。”He reached out between talking1000Million dollars。
Just he just got this1000Too gold,The mouth of Dongxing has a sneer。
This ten green banknotes suddenly broke out of terrible power,That is the green front of the green, Gan Des,Fast, lightning,Let Gundis can’t prevent,Feeling huge crisis。
NS191chapter Opportunities in Marci
“Martial art!”
Gandis crazy show martial art,Unfortunately, his martial art is just filled out.,Just impact by a sharp power,Martial arts collapse。
next moment,He is like a sharp cut,Baby pain,Scary knife penetrates into his body。
Gan Disi angry roar,Want to counterattack Dongxing,But the greeted him is a machete,This hacking knife kills his body with a hint of the void.。
Gan Disi is once again,Want to dawn this knife,Unfortunately, this knife is too fast.,Directly on his arm。
Gandis is screaming,His arm was directly cleared.,The terrible knife is unsatisfied, with his rib,His rib was cut off several,The violent knife penetrates his body,Destroy his five internal organs。
Blood rain bloom,His body flew out directly,Heavy falling on the ground,Die。
Many of the little girls have brought,Various shots,These bullets crazy shot to Lin Feng and others,But when I arrived before,A golden light curtain swept from Lin Feng’s body,Cabbling everyone’s figure is there.。
These bullets fall on the ground。
The golden light is like a volcanic outbreak.,Sweep out,Directly impact on these younger brother,These people have been hit by,Falling on the road,Various blood,Some was passed out。
Feng De,Feng Kun,Mingyuan and others are stunned,But I don’t think I will kill people in Dongxing.,And the person who killed is not simple,This is the vice president of the Virgin Fallo Branch,In Findo is also a famous big person。