First136chapter Lead the fight

The place in the imperial capital is big,But there is a benefit。
That’s never lacking such an extremely uneducated person,Sometimes when I feel gloomy,Can bump into one or two,I feel more comfortable!
A loud bang of the bronze bell spread throughout the central city of the imperial capital,For a while, those who came to watch followed by shouting。
Bell ringing,The battle begins。
as expected,The young man with a black straw hat walked towards Zhu Minglang,With a bit of disgust and contempt。
“People should be enlightened sometimes,I reminded you just now,right now,You fled to Chihe by yourself and were laughed at by people all over the city,I still beat you to a handicapped?”The young man with a black straw hat has come to Zhu Minglang,The eyes are fierce and fierce like a panther。
Between talking,The shadow behind the black straw hat youth,But it swings very unusually。
There is an extremely strange shadow mist covering his body,Is slowly spreading around,And the film group behind him,The space that can be moved also widens with this shadow fog。
at first,I wish Minglang this young man with a black straw hat is a mortal,Soon Zhu Minglang noticed his spreading shadow fog,Actually forming a shadow map,Is an area where some special dragons and beasts move!
at last,In the shadow mist,A shadow sly dragon came out,Its body is hidden in the strange black shadow fog,And its spider-like claws,But it seems to be everywhere。
Zhu Minglang uses his spiritual knowledge to investigate,Only then can I barely see the true face of this shadowy dragon……
It is a combination of a Swift Shadow Dragon and a certain Devil Spider Dragon,It has the torso of a Velociraptor、Limbs、Fangs,At the same time, six extremely strange bone wings grow on its back!
This bone wing,Basically can’t fly,Six paws like a spider,Long and sharp,Can bend very flexibly、Stretch,It can even be vertical to the ground,With its hind limbs,Make it attack faster,More weird。
Shadow Dragon,This is a very good variety,I wish Minglang are quite interested,just,This shadowy dragon is a bit too hideous,Bone wing paw on the back,It feels like two dead dragons forcibly pieced together。
No matter what,This dragon species is really special,And he looks very strong。
In this way,The black straw hat youth does have arrogant capital。