Vaguely visible,A little red appeared on the dark ghost jug,Still constantly expanding。

And the tentacles of the ghosts have also been returned.,It became a group similar to Simrem,In slight fluctuation。
“Three generations,Boost,This requires a lot of blood”Sworm。
He temporarily presses the activity of ghost jams,But this can only last for a while,If you don’t speed up the fusion,This implant failed。
Ghost Rose buds is a biological that is good at phagocytosis.,If you don’t want to let him think you and it is,Ranking will be directly swallowed directly by it。
But even if so,The nature of his swallowing is still changed.,Even implanted into the body,Also suppressed in other ways。
Three generations of brows,Then the body is shock,More blood flowing on the wrist。
And these blood was absorbed by ghost jers,Its body is also inactivated。
Until it is full of red。
Swite call again,Suddenly four weeks。
The ghost jam in the center of the defendant is also trembling.,The blood color that is originally covered in the body disappears quickly。
“Three generations,It’s now”
The three generations also know that it is a key moment.,Originally still in the wrist,Inserting the ghost jam in an instant,The inserted place is the place where the ghost jam is also blood color.。
Three generations of body,Then it is a convulsion,He can feel a lot of blood in his body is drawn,At the same time, there is also a kind of cold things in the body.。
And the fact is true,The ghost there is slowly becomes small.。
Finally, all,Drill from the three generations of cutting wrists。
Sworm swaying。
At this time, the three generations of men are pale.,The body is also slightly trembling,It seems that there is so much blood,It also affects his current body.。
Change is not just so,You must know the three generations of body。。。。
Chapter VII grim Reaper
The three generations can feel a cold feeling in the spread to his body.,He knows this is a ghost.。
And when the buds spread to his chest,He feels that there seems to have changed。
Ghost Rose seems to be more active.,This makes the three generations feel that it is not suitable.。
Then I feel that my body is hot.,Originally unwell state is just sweeping。
Three generations frowned。
“this is。。。。”
He opened his clothes,I saw the original body of the body.,Actually become full,Fair。
And the face formed by placing in the initial cells is actually disappeared.。
Be right,Three generations in order to avoid being discovered,The place to be planted in the alternate cell is the chest。
“The effect is so good!”The three generations are also surprised.。
“Three generations!”Swite surprised to watch the three generations。
I saw the three generations of original attire.,Actually constant changes。
Wrinkle disappears,The skin is also getting firming,Even the old people are also disappearing。
The original white beard and hair are also falling off,Then the new brunette will grow up.。