“Sakyamuni?I rubbed!”Lin Feng heard a sentence,Nima,It’s too lucky, it’s too luck.,Just grabbing a book is actually a Nirvana。

Actually, Sakyamino has passed down a scripture.。
In fact, Lin Feng still smashed this Annos in his wife’s god.,First generation of criminal law,Prescribe penalty,Powerful,Mastering the permissions is powerful than anyone else。
Even other elders,The status is far more than the old man,Not only in the Po Humanism,This is the case in any other forces.,High weight。
“good,It is Sakyamuni hand copied,According to historical record,This book does not fall into the Buddha,Instead, in that period, it flows into the midst of the gods.,The rumors of Sakyamuni are actually talking with the gods.。”Tiyin Yao explained。
“This scripture is dry?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“This is Sakyami about Nirvana.,This feeling is extremely rare。”Becue:“Sakyami is sitting in the Bodhi tree under the knee,Write this Nirvana when reborn,So all of the world’s strong people or half-pioneers want to get this Nirvana.,After all, in Nirvana, the Buddha’s ancestor is the deepest.。”
“so it is,Just don’t know why this Beno is in Gannos?。”Lin Feng wrinkled frown,He can’t understand,It’s too important to say this thing.。
“According to Gantanos,Some cost,Bringing out a hand copy is not impossible。”Tiyin Yao explained。
“Ha ha,If you understand the words of Sanskrit, you will have a good news.。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“After the translation of Yao Yao is successful,Send a silent uncle。”
“This?Lin Feng,I am afraid that I am not properly。”Tang Yao hesitated。
“Is there anything wrong?,All right,This is determined.。”Lin Feng directly:“There is no trace, you will enter the Nirvana.,He needs this book most!”
“Ying Yao,Let’s do it according to Lin Feng’s meaning.。”Belle:“At least300Within the year,The relationship between the Tangjiahe Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is very good,There will be no major conflict of interest,It is responsible for each other。”
“I see。”Tao Yinyao Wen Yan said soft voice:“thanks。”
“Give a little one,Shedy。”Lin Feng followed。
“Um!”Bei Xue Yin 言 点 调 调 调 着:“what about others?”
“Other don’t give it.,In fact, I feel how much I don’t help.,Maybe a big busy,Maybe I can’t help,Maybe interfere,After all, Tang Jiahe Miao should have Nirvanic sentiment and information.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Of course, my Qinglong Chamber of Commerce has indeed,This time is completed.。”
“I will first explore the mouth of the non-scrutty.。”Tang Yin Yao。
“Me too。”Bei Xueyin also nodded:“correct,Lin Feng,Gats big brother is going to go,You go to the Zhongzhou International Hotel to see it.。”
“Ok,I will not come back to eat at noon.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Ying Yao,Is the Fairy Pavilion??Their Millennium Celebration Assembly was held?”
“Should be fast,I estimate that they will send posts in the afternoon.,Watch again when you send it.。”Tiyin Yao explained。
“Ok,Tianzhu gun hides,Less than 10,000,Don’t use it。”Lin Feng directly handed the heavenly gun to two women’s channels:“Unfortunately, no one will use a gun here.,Really used on the gun,Can play a huge power。”
“Give a cold!”Bechang Sudden。
“Cold?”Lin Feng is slightly surprised to look at the night cold。
“forget it,I do not want,I can’t afford。”Night cleaning and hurry。
“Can’t keep it now,In the future。”Bechang’s face reveals mysterious smile:“Lin Feng,The cold thing is very large,Waiting for you to come back and talk。”
“Have a large dry system?Is there a relationship with the gods?”Lin Feng suddenly asked,He suddenly remembered a thing,That is the night, showing a horrible gun method today.,Gannos recognized,Said to be a goddess。
Name overbearing!
Lin Feng also felt the horror of this gun method,Because a shot,Actually contained two strips,Not under a single attack,You must know that Lin Feng practice two gods have this magical battle.。
But this set of gods, but a shot,There is this horror attack power。
“You knew already?”Belle,Tang Yin Yao shocked。
“How do you know??”Lin Feng is wondering two women’s channels,Follow you look at the cold。
“Why can’t we know?,All right,You go first.,This is very large,I will know when you come back.。”Bei Xue Yin smiles。