“Don’t know in the Hall,Are you found in Jinyang?,Gaelrony。”

Higher ocean has a favor of Yang Wei,So Yang Yi specially wants to know,Where is the son of the high ocean with paragraph?。
“Behind my guard,But now is Gongsunji。Takarrony winter season plays on the lake,Inadvertently fall into the ice,died。”
Gao Biyi said a set of words。
“Um,It’s so unfortunate.。”
Yang Wei said slightly slightly.,it is more than words。He greatly loose tone,Look,Gao Bo Yi this person,Still very old。Yang Wei did not know that Takarron is a period of http://www.sz-furniture.cn life and Tang Yan.,I thought he was a son of a high ocean.。
And Gao Biyi does not kill the son of high ocean,Will make a lot of time to follow Gao Cheng,Subsequent people who follow the gorge,Feeling。
Not to say“Women’s benevolence”,Instead, Gao Biyi is a person who has a size of the bottom line.。Even afraid of the future,Will not do too much,Make everyone self-danger。
and“Name”Kill Takaroni,It is to explain that Gao Baoyi’s heart is very firm.,Not intended to work on the high royal family。
These things,Also in Yang Hao’s expectations,No exceeding his bottom line。
“Nine,You don’t have a young man.,Even I am so self-satisfied.。”
At this moment,Yang Wei’s title is different.。
“辅 看 看,People are cheering,Jinyang’s threat is nor。Qi State up and down,Waiting for me,Do not,It’s us,Come and become the world,Go http://www.tjxiaochi.cn to create a prosperous!”
Plug, \\app \\ Really good,Worthwhile,After all, there are more books.,Books,Update fast!
Just say that it is a prosperous world,But didn’t say anyone in the world?!Even if it is Yang Wei,Also picked up a problem。He can only touch slightly:“really,The world has changed.。”
This is a vicissitudes,It seems that there is still not sweet and powerful meaning.。Gao Baoyi does not matter to sway:“Yang Zaicai is heavy,Eat a dinner,There is also a lot of government affairs to handle it.。”
Yang Wei should be a sentence,Gao Baoyi’s meaning is,He is not necessary to manage military affairs,Government, he also has to intervene。to be honest,With the annihilation of Jin Yang against forces,His power is like a day。
Although there is no face,but,Strong people have strong dignity and demand,Recovered part of part of the government,Down to your own,Secret,This is what every power will do.。
Gao Bo Yi is never the first one,Naturally, it is impossible to be the last one.。
“Wealthless hometown,Such as Jinyi night line。”
Yang Wei seems to be in Gao Baoyi。
“Still entering the palace to see too。Yang Zauxi is going with me,Still go on the bottom of the holy?”
Gao Baoyi, I asked Yang.。
Li Zuyu knows you?,Not a Gao Boyi, what is it?,Why do you want to be like a fool??
“I will not go there.。Kings, please。”
Yang Wei made a give gesture。
Gao Bao feels that,Yang Wei is now very tangled,Because he saw it,It’s inevitable to change the dynasty.,However, as the old minister,He has no power to change。
This is something wrong,But it is a realistic portrayal。
Reality,Chang is a cruelty。Leave them to these old people’s time and space,Not much。
NS1056chapter Clothing also(Down)
I haven’t returned to Yucheng for a long time.,Gao Bi walked on the street leading to the Dangnang Palace,Such as separation。
Last year’s civil chaos,It caused irreversible damage to this huge city,At that time, all the shops in the city were closed.,Everyone is not early,I don’t know what unpredictable bad things will happen tomorrow.。